Thursday, August 09, 2018

Hot Summer got your planters down??

 With spring/summer 2018  being so hot and persistently dry; perhaps your planters are either lush or bedraggled.
You just wanna YANK out those tired plants and replace them with new fall plantings!!!!  
Here are a few simple things you can do to give your containers that second wind for getting them through until autumn.
First, continue daily deadheading for extending the bloom period of annuals.
                Remember that some annuals, such as petunias and calibrachoa, can be cut back by half for stimulating new growth and flowering.
                Continue to feed plants a water-soluble fertilizer for boosting their blooms.
                Most nurseries have stopped restocking annuals, so you may have to shop around.   
                BUT, replacing that space with either a Perennial;  like celosia, salvias, coreopsis, rudbeckia,  coneflower, succulents including agave, yucca and kalanchoe; 
While you’re at it, don’t forget you could shop indoors — in the houseplant sections.
Many tropicals make great companion plants for outdoor containers. Consider multi-colored crotons (which with their warm hues seem to hint at fall), ferns and dracaena. Just be sure to check light requirements before plugging them into pots in full sun.
And, if you just can’t wait for fall, there’s always the instant-gratification of big bold colorful chrysanthemums – soon to be arriving;  mums are tough to resist when the garden craves that big splash of color!
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