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9:15 - 10:30 Fall Yard Care - Grant Dunn  BOOKED - STANDING ROOM ONLY
(10:00 - 10:30) Q & A Grant Dunn and Susan Jensen Stubbe

Do you have an unsightly lawn, bugs in your shrubs, mildew or spots on your leaves, caterpillars eating your trees, deer or rabbits in your garden, or one of many other gardening problems? Grant has a solution for all your gardening woes!! Get your yard looking good and ready for the long winter ahead!! We will have a quick break at 10 and then Susan will join Grant for a question/answer session! Write down all your questions and come prepared!

11:00 Ready, Split, Go! Splitting perennials - Susan Jensen Stubbe - BOOKED STANDING ROOM ONLY
Are your perennials looking a bit overgrown with all the rain this year? Maybe it is time to split them this fall. We will do a live demonstration on how to split a perennial! Can my perennial be split? Does it prefer the spring or the fall? How can I help my newly split perennials thrive? Is there more than one way to split a perennial? Sue will give you the answers to all these questions and more!

12:00 - 12:45 FREE LUNCH

12:45 - 1:45 Pruning Shrubs & Small Trees - Susan Jensen Stubbe - LIMITED SPOTS LEFT
With all the rain this year your shrubs and trees may need a pruning. You may not be able to get out and prune that 40' high tree in your yard, but shrubs and smaller trees can easily be done! Susan will demonstrate how to prune roses, shrubs & smaller manageable trees! Which shrubs should be pruned in the fall? How much should I prune? Which hydrangeas need pruning? How do I care for a shrub or tree after I prune? Sue will answer these and other questions you may have.

2:00 - 3:00 
Botanically Speaking Getting to know the food we eat everyday

Bill is a green building accredited professional, and is a certified permaculture designer, and master gardener. He is a former Instructor in Prairie Horticulture, and still coaches homeowners as an independent Ecological Landscaper. 

Food is a wondrous life-giving thing. However, you may be surprised about how many parts of a plant we humans are actual consuming. You will see a short pictorial lecture on leaves, tubers, roots, stems, flowers, fruit, seeds, and more - all botanically related back to what we are actually eating on our dinner plate.

3:15 - 4:15 Colleen Zacharias Fall Bulb Planting & Master Gardener LIMITED SPOTS LEFT
Plant bulbs now for a beautiful spring display. Colleen Zacharias, Winnipeg Free Press Homes gardening columnist will talk about varieties to consider and how-to tips. Ever dream of becoming a Master Gardener? Colleen will also be discussing the Master Gardener Program Orientation Night which is coming up on September 27, 2016.

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Monday, April 06, 2015

Spring Fling Seminar Day - Saturday April 11


All seminars are FREE except the Miniature Gardening Workshop.
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9:15 - Spring Yard & Garden Care  by Grant Dunn 
 Spring is here early but are you ready for all the challenges your yard may bring you? Lawn not looking good? Shrubs looking rough? Worried about insects, fungus, rabbits or deer? Grant has a solution for almost everything! Grant has a wealth of knowledge about garden products that can help beautify and protect your yard and garden.

 10:15 - Raised Beds - The No Muss No Fuss Gardening Trick by Bill Dowie
 From Square Foot Gardening to mobility and disability access, raised beds will be able to accommodate many of your gardening needs - who says you need a rotor-tiller and shovel to garden? Construction examples will be presented, and the biology of raised beds will be discussed by Master Gardener and U of M Prairie Horticulture Instructor, Bill Dowie

11:15 - Gardening Discussion - Susan Jensen Stubbe & Tammy Jensen 
 Susan and Tammy will be hosting an informal 1 hour Question/Answer Session. We look forward to discussing any garden or yard concerns you may have. In this interactive session we welcome your ideas and solutions to gardening concerns. We find that there can be many solutions to any one problem and look forward to learning something new!

 12:15 - FREE LUNCH!!!
1:15 - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly by Michael Allen, Author of Dr. Tree's Guide to the Common Diseases of Urban Prairie Trees.
 Michael is Winnipeg's tree disease expert. Michael will be having a discussion on what is happening with trees in Winnipeg. Michael Allen, M.Sc. F. R.P.F. Consulting Urban Forester, Tree Diagnostician and I.S.A. Certified Arborist - Viburnum Tree Experts
 2:15 - Miniature Gardening Workshop  (charge for plants & materials)
 Get back into spring by planting a miniature succulent garden. We have a variety of containers, succulents and miniature accessories to create a fun indoor garden! Gardens can be moved outside once summer is here! Containers, miniatures and plants will all be offered at special prices for this workshop. You pay only for the plants, soil, containers and miniatures you use. You are also welcome to bring your own containers as well. Class typically lasts 1 hour but you are welcome to stay longer if you want to do a few pots! 
Register at or call (204)488-5042 Register for the full day or just individual seminars. All seminars are free except the Miniature Gardening Workshop.
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