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Got Critters? Protecting your yard from deer, rabbits, squirrels and more!

 Deer and rabbits can eat your destroy your garden, flower gardens, shrubs and trees. Our warranty does not cover animal damage. Protect your plants if you have rabbits or deers in your yard. We have an assortment of products available to help protect your yard. 

Squirrels and chipmunks steal bird seed. Squirrels chew through materials like siding and woods to access shelter, while chipmunks dig burrows and can damage building foundations.

CRITTER RIDDER - Repels Raccoons, Skunks, Dogs, Cats, Squirrels, Groundhogs and Chipmunks
Critter Ridder® is a patented blend of ingredients derived from hot peppers that immediately irritates an animal’s senses of smell, taste and touch upon encounter. This overwhelming irritation sensation repels critters, and after a couple of unwelcome visits, they learn to stay away from your yard
• OMRI listed and USDA approved for use in organic gardening
•Won't damage soil or vegetation
•Lasts up to 30 days 

Critter Ridder® RTU (ready-to-use) liquid is perfect for multi-surface application. An ideal animal repellent, this can be used to prevent cats, dogs, raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs and skunks digging in your lawn, garden, or landscaped areas. 
It also helps keep animals from damaging ornamental/landscape planting and discourages squirrels from bird feeders. (When using on bird feeders especially wooden feeders, test-spray in an inconspicuous area to avoid staining.) The formula can reduce the frequent tearing of garbage bags by dogs, cats, squirrels and raccoons.

Critter Ridder Granual
Sprinkle granules on the ground around perimeters or across entry ways to deter animals from accessing protected areas. Use Critter Ridder® granules to keep animals out of gardens and flower beds and out from underneath porches and sheds. 
Squirrels - 
To repel a squirrel, a repellent with a mode of action that works via irritation or is a taste-based repellent is best. Additionally, because squirrels are so tenacious, it is strongly recommended to use both liquid and granular repellents to make your yard as uninviting as possible.
Spray CRITTER RIDDER onto surfaces like bird feeders, bulbs, and trees to keep squirrels off and prevent gnawing.
Sprinkle granular CRITTER RIDDER around the perimeter of structures, plants and gardens to prevent entry.

PLANTSKYDD          Repels Deer, Rabbit, Squireels, Chipmunks and Voles

Plantskydd® Repellents are considered the most cost-effective, and environmentally safe, animal repellents available. An odor based animal repellent made from porcine hemoglobin, vegetable oil and water.

EFFECTIVE against: deer, rabbits, voles, chipmunks & squirrels
•Safe for people, pets and the environment
•RAIN-RESISTANT—no need to re-apply after every rainfall. 
•SAFE for use in vegetable gardens, on fruit trees and food crops. (Do not apply to edibles within 1 month of harvest)
•ORGANIC—first animal repellent OMRI Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute for food production.
•BONUS—built in fertilizer results in bigger, healthier plants!
What makes it so effective??
Plantskydd works by emitting an odor that animals associate with predator activity. It also stimulates a fear-based response which results in animals looking elsewhere to dine. Animals with avoid plants before they bite not after!
•For best protection, treat plants before browse begins, in spring or fall.
•Plantskydd liquid formulation lasts 3- 4 months during the active
•IMPORTANT—spray on dry plants—allow to dry for 24 hours.
•Ideally, spray in the morning or late afternoon, when the sun is not as strong. 
•Spray a fine mist directly onto plant material 
•Reddish-brown color dissipates within 48-72 hours 
•Apply when temperatures are above freezing
•Apply to dry plants and allow 24 hours to dry 
BOBBEX - click here for website -
repels Deer and Rabbits
Bobbex is a all natural safe product made with dried eggs, other proteins, fish meal, fish oil, meat meal, garlic and castor oils. It is safe on plants and has been proven effective to repel deer from shrubs, trees and ornamentals. Not recommended for use on edibles.
•Harmless to wildlife including aquatic species
•Harmless to humans and pets
•Contain no petrochemical or synthetic components
•Made from all-natural and recycled ingredients
•Will not wash off will last through several heavy rains
•Works by smell and taste aversion
•Will last through several heavy rains
•Dries clear with slight odor that will dissipate after 24 hours 
Applications - allow 6 hours to dry before rain or watering
Spray when temperature outside is between 2 degrees and 30 degrees During Spring & Summer growing season spray every 10-14 days 
During Fall & Winter spray monthly
For more information on applications - click on this link
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