Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Where oh where is our fall?

Fall 2018;  this fall came in way too fast for my liking, along with many days of below normal temperatures; brrrr.   But we have no control over Mother nature, and she does play an important role in many other wonders throughout the year.  
karl forester grass, winnipeg garden centers, perennials on saleNow is a great time to consider plants that bloom late or have vibrant autumn foliage. Plants thrive in fall planting because of the cooler air, they lose less water.  Fall is when most bulbs need to be planted;  tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, lilies, crocuses, alliums ... they should all go in the ground now to stimulate root growth that'll carry them through the season.
If you are continuing to create an appealing container garden for the season;  try mixing tall grasses with ornamental peppers and kale, or by adding perennials such as;  asters, chrysanthemums, sedum etc  and don’t forget to add pumpkins or gourds in or around your display.  Yes, you can still plant nursery stock (trees, shrubs & perennials) in fall! As long as the ground is workable and using proper planting techniques, your plants will have a strong start.  Don’t forget to water your containers and beds after you plant—this helps the roots get off to a strong start. Mulch is beneficial to trees, shrubs, and perennials.

fall mum, fall mum sale, winnipeg garden centersNOTE: Nothing quite says autumn gardening like potted mums  The potted mums in garden centres during late summer to autumn should be treated as annuals. If you receive a plant as a gift you can keep it outside, however, they won’t survive winter. Like other annuals, mums benefit from deadheading to encourage new blooms.  If you plan on keeping them inside, place in a sunny window away from drafts.
You could want to start preparing your garden pots with either a Halloween theme (cobwebs & big Spiders and Witches with colourful brooms etc) or slowly transition that same pot into a Christmas theme, by applying your birch or dogwood sticks into your containers now, perhaps even making holes with pipes where you  may want a small tree topper or solar lights to be inserted.
Usually the winter garlands and branches etc., begin trickling into our green house by early November, and then the lovely smell of Christmas trees will follow later. 

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Fall is in the air!

 FALL officially is here later this month;  you can feel it in the air, cooler evenings and shorter daylight times.
Fall and Halloween displays are fast approaching, ….  So perhaps it is time to change up those dried out maybe not so pretty planters; try adding some fall flowering perennials; like sedums, ornamental grasses or brightly coloured fall shrubs.. and don’t forget about the Mums – beautiful and full of colour.
Fall planting season still plenty to be done in the garden and it is a pleasure to plant in—the weather is cool and comfortable, and you can really enjoy the landscape before winter winds usher you indoors.
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Thursday, August 09, 2018

Hot Summer got your planters down??

 With spring/summer 2018  being so hot and persistently dry; perhaps your planters are either lush or bedraggled.
You just wanna YANK out those tired plants and replace them with new fall plantings!!!!  
Here are a few simple things you can do to give your containers that second wind for getting them through until autumn.
First, continue daily deadheading for extending the bloom period of annuals.
                Remember that some annuals, such as petunias and calibrachoa, can be cut back by half for stimulating new growth and flowering.
                Continue to feed plants a water-soluble fertilizer for boosting their blooms.
                Most nurseries have stopped restocking annuals, so you may have to shop around.   
                BUT, replacing that space with either a Perennial;  like celosia, salvias, coreopsis, rudbeckia,  coneflower, succulents including agave, yucca and kalanchoe; 
While you’re at it, don’t forget you could shop indoors — in the houseplant sections.
Many tropicals make great companion plants for outdoor containers. Consider multi-colored crotons (which with their warm hues seem to hint at fall), ferns and dracaena. Just be sure to check light requirements before plugging them into pots in full sun.
And, if you just can’t wait for fall, there’s always the instant-gratification of big bold colorful chrysanthemums – soon to be arriving;  mums are tough to resist when the garden craves that big splash of color!
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Decorating Time!

hay, flax hay, decorate for fall, Have fun and decorate your front doorstep today!
Grab a bale of hay or two!
Add a Fall Mum!
Makes a great seat as well as looks great for fall!
Our Fall Mums and Flax hay are now here!
Tulips have arrived as well!!
Pumpkins will be here by the end of the week as well!
So drop by and get ready for fall!

Jensen Nursery and Garden Center
2550 McGillivray Blvd
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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