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Free Spring Gardening Seminars - April 14, 2012

Wow this weather is feeling alot like spring!  If you go into our greenhouse it feels like summer. We have planted 100's of beautiful hanging baskets! Exciting new perenials will start arriving this week! We even are planning to rearrange the greenhouse to accommodate weekly Free Container Gardening Seminars! Subscribe to our webmail to get up to date times of these seminars. There will be limited space so don't miss out. Bring in your empty pot and go home with a beautiful pot of flowers. The best part is you leave the mess with us! If you need a new pot we have a great selection of containers available to purchase.
This year we are holding FREE SPRING GARDENING SEMINARS ON SATURDAY APRIL 14, 2012! We will suppling a FREE LUNCH to everyone who registers! Seating is limited to register early at .


10:00 AM Gardening  for Dummies – By Jennifer Fletcher
Gardening advice presented in a simple easy to understand format

Healthy, happy and hardy.  Pampered, pretty and pruned.  These will be the words you use to describe the plants in your yard after you have attended this informative seminar.

11:00 AM 3-D Gardening – By Bill Dowie
Designing to maximize all the Space in your yard and garden
Some adventurous gardeners may have the knowledge and skills to move vertically in their garden, but 3-D gardening is so much more.  Inter-spaces, nooks and crannies, cracks, edges, layers... these are key concepts to make your garden beautiful while increasing the amount of usable space you can plant all your flowers and vegetables.  Think you have run out of room?  Wondering how to increase bio-diversity in your small yard?  This first of two seminars will introduce you to spacial concepts of the space-time continuum you may have not thought about.


 12:30 PM Critters Anomynous – By Susan Jensen Stubbe and Tammy Jensen
 An Open Panel Discussion on how to keep wildlife from eating your trees and plants

Does wildlife affect your plant’s health? An open panel discussion on methods both natural and chemical to keep your yard wildlife free. Audience participation appreciated!  Instead of waiting till it is too late be proactive and prevent the damage that can happen. Help others with any solutions you may have. Enjoy a healthy happy yard – not one ravaged by squirrels, voles, deers, and rabbits!

1:30 PM 4-D Gardening – By Bill Dowie
Thinking about the aspects of Time for your short and long-term garden plans
Time is fleeting and as humans we are caught in a linear perception of time passing second by second, year by year.  In Nature, the concept of time is irrelevant.  Nature is dictated by cycles and ebbs and flows of matter and energy.  So how do we reconcile such philosophical ideas to make a beautiful garden?  This seminar will explore the themes of legacy planting, time-framing your designs, plant succession, and the young-to-old transition of your human and animal visitors to your yard (that rabbit seems like it's 20 years old!).  This second of two seminars will introduce you to temporal concepts of the space-time continuum you may have not thought about.

Email to register. Specify the seminars you wish to attend and if you will be joining us for lunch. Limited seating so register early

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