Thursday, February 25, 2021

Open March 1st, 2021

Our showroom & greenhouse will be open to the public starting March 1st. To provide the safest environment for staff and customers we will have some guidelines to follow:
Call the phone # on the front door and we will come and let you in. If there are 4 people in the store already we will take your phone # and call you when it is your turn to come in. Please sanitize your hands as you enter the store. We will have a hand sanitizing station inside the entrance. Please maintain a 6 foot distance from all staff and other customers. 
Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing everyone again. We will be strongly encouraging online shopping at this time. Our curbside pickup and delivery service will continue. As new products arrive, they will be added to the online store. We can also take phone orders, for pickup or delivery. 
Monday to Friday: 10 am - 4 pm 
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Tuesday, May 07, 2019

May Long Weekend is coming!

 May Long Weekend, is fast approaching, which means Mother Nature better bounce back and deliver some amazing weather, but regardless the neighbourhoods will still become a buzz with yard activities;  as the weeks that follow Victoria Day, is Manitoba’s key planting time.  Ready or not, come out and visit the greenhouse especially to get those customer favorites the colourful and tranquil tropical plants, the classic and new annuals, herbs, succulents, house plants & perennials for those front and backyard planters and gardens -  need inspiration for those empty planter pots, Just ASK, …    
hanging baskets, winnipeg greenhouse, mothers day flowers, mothers day gifts
A few SPRING flowering trees and shrubs that will provide a burst of colour and curb appeal to any home, along with minial maintenance;    
flowering rosybloom
Lilacs, many different varieties of colour, needs at least 6 or more hours of sunlight, prefers soil rich in nutrients, so add compost to soil if planting in heavy sand or clay.  Makes a great privacy green screen.Forsythia,  flowers with yellow blooms before the green foliage, needs a sunny location, adaptable to many soil types, upright growth habit, deer resistant.   Azalea & Rhododendron, likes morning sun keep away from afternoon sun as foliage will burn, protect from winter winds.
Crab apples, Sunny location, adaptable to many soil types, display of white, pink or magenta blooms depending on variety selected,  
Flowering Almond, needs full sun, adaptable to most soils , tree and shrub form, making it a great choice for mass plantings. They don’t produce almonds, but have a sweet almond-like fragrance.
Quick tip:  All newly planted nursery stock should be watered at the soil level every day for one week, then every other day for the next two weeks then adjust due to rainfall or drought conditions.
…  Caution: Always remember to do a few good favourite stretches before attempting a good day of gardening.

PS - We just got some beautiful long stemmed cut flower carnations in assorted colors. 
cut flowers, carnations  
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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Step into our Paradise!

 Don’t get fooled by Mother nature, be cautious of planting annuals now and til the beginning of June & don’t worry about those perennials being slow -  gardening requires patience, …   but do get busy with your Garden’s clean-up to do list, turning and raking the soil, mixing in some good soil nutrients and mulch / compost.
STEP INSIDE our green house and you will be inspired by the display of flower colours & leaf textures. You will find your ole favourites & some new lovely annuals.   Get inspired to create your own containers by seeing what the greenhouse elves have been up to;  you can bring in your pots and plant them up in side our greenhouse or leave your pots with us and request a custom planting.  Our tabletops are full with hundreds of plants  and the walkways are lined with hanging pots and ground containers readily filled and waiting for your deck.    
 greenhouse, flowers, annuals, tropicals, succulents, hanging baskets
TRENDING …..   “Tropical plants & Grasses”;  for that a dramatic look (Thriller):   they can provide an immediate lush green to any entrance way & will thrive outdoors in our summers.  The tropical plants  can be brought into your house in fall but first must be sprayed for bugs.    
Eg:  Big elephant ears,  ivies, ferns, palm tree, succulents & catus, hibiscus, numerous grasses, cannas, climbing vines …..
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Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Gardening Tips

Spring Gardening Tips

If you have covered your perennials or roses with leaves or flax straw (which is a great winter protection for your plants), now is the time to be taking it away.  Do it slowly.  Remove it from the area directly around your plants to allow the plants to breathe.  Don’t put it too far out of reach as you may have to bring it back as protection if our temperatures drop too far below zero at night.  The emerging perennials will be able to endure a lot of cold but remember it’s still too early to be planting out newly purchased perennials. Jensen’s carries some beautiful perennials very hardy to our area. Keep in mind if you really like a perennial, that requires sun, and you have no room left in a sunny spot, all perennials will grow in the shade.  They may not grow as large and they may not flower the way they would in sun, or have smaller blooms, but, they WILL grow.  Don’t deprive yourself of a “Must-Have” perennial.  Give it a try.  You may be pleasantly surprised!
Also, if there are areas of your garden where the soil needs amending, now is the time to enhance the soil to get the area ready for planting.  Drop in for a soil tester to find out if your soil is too acidic or alkaline.  In our clay soil, peat moss is a good product to use as to increase the acidity level in our alkaline soil and it also improves the texture and provides for improved drainage.  Clay soil tends to be very compact and makes it difficult for roots to grow.  Empty the peat moss into a wheelbarrow or muck bucket and add water.  Mix it until it is thick and resembles soil and then dig it into the area.  It is much easier to work with and it won’t be flying away to your neighbours when you start to dig it in. Compost, mushroom manure and sheep manure are also excellent products to use for soil amendment.  If you have an area where your perennials require a lot of acid in the soil and you have evergreens in the yard, save your evergreen clippings and place them around that area.
If your soil is too acid, use a Dolomite Lime to increase the alkaline level.  It is more finely ground and will break down faster in the soil.
Also, if you have recently removed an evergreen tree from the yard, that area will need a Lime to enable grass to grow. This is the perfect time of year to get the area ready for seeding as most lawns prefer a soil that is nearly neutral; in the range of a PH level of 6.5 – 7.2 (PH 7.0 is neutral).
The majority of plants grow best in a PH level of 6.5 – 7.2 as well.
Tomatoes enjoy a handful of Dolomite Lime when planting and periodically throughout the grow season to discourage Blossom End Rot (the black end on the Tomato).
Stay tuned next time for more “Spring Gardening Tips”

Arlene Wheeler

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Honourarly Life Time Award- presented by Landscape Manitoba

The Honourarly Life Time Award recognizes long-term members who have contributed to the strength of the Association. Landscape Manitoba's Board of Directors announced that Mr. Kurt Jensen of Jensen's Nursery and Garden Center is the 2012 recipient of this prestigious award.
Kurt immigrated from Denmark to Canada in 1957 where he met and married Elsie. Together they started a small lawn maitenance companly, operating out of their home. In 1971 they purchased a one acre lot on McGillivray Blvd and expanded the business to become a garden center, and landscaping business. In 1999 Kurt along with his daughters Tammy and Susan retired the old farm house and open a brand new garden center, and greenhouse. In 2006 they relocated to a three acre location at McGillivray Blvd and Brady Road. This new facility has contributed to Jensen's Garden Center becoming a major garden center, greenhouse, and landscaping business in the City of Winnipeg and surrounding areas. In the year 2010 they moved forward once again creating their first website, with a interactive plant search engine. They continue to work together along with their staff to proudly service the Winnipeg Area.
Susan Stubbe Jensen, Tammy Jensen, Kurt Jensen, Jensen Nursery and Garden Center, Winnipeg
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Container gardening at Jensen's! by Jennifer Fletcher


Back in January, I wanted to talk about the new annuals and combinations for the hanging baskets.
I was ALONE with my thoughts!

One Saturday afternoon, I watched a P. Allen Smith tv show (the spokesperson for Proven Winners). He took three pots
in different sizes and planted a container landscape. He believes that you should plant different plants in each pot,
with one color that unifies them.

For example: 
First pot: Superbells Dreamsicle                                                  

Second pot: Coleus Sedona

Third pot: Toffee Twist Grass

This example would have a orange plant in each pot with a mixture of annuals. What an idea! I will store that one in the

Then I went on a winter holiday. Cruising from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta. Did you know that Bird of Paradise
blooms in late January in California landscapes? Well...that definitely messed up my "Prairie Gardener" brain.

Back to the cold and "Jennifer, I can't talk about the hanging baskets until I see the flowers!"

Okay, I was still on my own with my thoughts - busy organizing, painting and laminating signs.
Now, the plants have come. The baskets are done and we will keep working on the pots. On a sunny day, you have to wear shorts in the greenhouse. In a few short weeks we will move outside. I can't wait. Stop by the garden centre if you like. Smell the flowers. I would be happy to help you plan your containers.
Because.....SPRING IS ON ITS WAY!!!!!

By Jennifer Fletcher


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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

We are in the greenhouse planting...........

Wow, here we are again, it's a balmy 25C and we are in our greenhouse planting annual baskets! When we leave to go home you almost forget that it is 40 degrees colder outside and that you need a jacket! We have planted over 800 hanging baskets in the last 24 hours. I did up some beautiful shade basket combo's with trailing lobeila, fushia, and torenia! I did though start with about 100 bright colored baskets for a sunny location. I wasn't ready to think about shade when I first started. I used some petunias, calabrachoa, verbena, nemesia, osteospermum, and straw flowers to name a few! Jennifer was doing up Proven Winner combo baskets, while Susan was working on the old standby favorites! I heard her talking about ivy geraniums, torenia, and petunia's with Proven Winners diamond frost! Tomorrow we are going to finish up the unique cone planters that are so popular! Im thinking the birch bark one will go great with a toffee twist grass and some black eyed sue vines! I cant wait to see our baby plants grow! I have some pictures of last year's baskets I will post for you to look at! Well that is about all I can say for now! Flower names, growth habits, sun/shade preferences are all that I can think of now! That and what colors of annuals with compliment each other the most! So on that note, happy dreaming of sunny days ahead!!!! Tammy

yellow sweet potatoe vine and purple osteospermum                                        assorted baskets
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