Monday, October 23, 2017

Terrarium Fun - Plants for indoors

 Terrarium gardening is TRENDING AGAIN, probably cause it’s so much fun to create these dreamy, moist, lo-maintenance, colourful garden containers;  they are so beautiful and comforting to look at, during a dreary day.  
 … these are miniature gardens in a glass vessel. 
1.        Choose a GLASS CONTAINER / VESSEL (usually a terrarium has a lid to retain moisture) .
       Locate an area in your home that will give ample amounts of sunlight for growth of the plants in your terrarium
2.         Supplies required for this project: 
Pebbles or Stones
Soil – or Sand
Moss and other small mulch 
Plants ; eg succulents, cactus, hens and chicks,
The planting process begins with the pebbles then a layer of charcoal, then moss, then soil and or sand.
Create the landscape of your terrarium by creating small hills etc., using simple household cutlery.  Add the tiny plants (eg. Succulents…)
Finally, add any decorative item in and around plants … watering is best done with a spray bottle as you do not want too much.    Transpiration and evaporation will occur and keep the cycle going. Plants will grow and eventually some may need to be removed or trimmed.

We are stock with succulents and all the supplies you need. Drop in and we can send you home with some supplies. Or make one up while you are here!
 Happy Low – maintenance Indoor Gardening 
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