Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Aphids, Fungus, and Lily Beetle

Aphids, the Lily Beetle...............but, Few Mosquitoes!!!
Summer……..at last!!!
We have been so fortunate to finally be enjoying summer and all the lovely warm weather, with little rain. We are able to sit out on our balconies and in our backyards at night and enjoy the sweet aromas of alyssum, lilies, heliotrope and many other fragrant flowers, and be out during the day to enjoy the beauty of the season, without being bothered by the pesky mosquito. We have to enjoy every moment! We must bow down to our City Entomologist, Taz Stuart and his staff for removing Winnipeg of the title of Mosquito capital of Canada. Edmonton has the honours now! We’re able to enjoy our backyards and our parks and our great outdoors! Great work guys!!!

But, if you haven’t been vigilante in checking your flowers and vegetables regularly, now is the time of the season where you will notice some damage. I have been battling aphids on my ‘Pretty Much Picasso’ petunias for the last month or so. I’ve been spraying them every few days with about ½ tsp. of dish soap in about a litre of water. Some days I’m not sure I’m winning the battle!!! But, I know it is being kept under control. My petunias are doing quite well actually. I stopped by to visit a few of my friends in the last week. My friend Jennifer knew something was eating her prize lilies, but, didn’t realize it was the dreaded Lily beetle. My friend, Mona, was also in the same situation. She has so many lilies; she’s barely keeping up with the infestation. In the adult form, the Lily Beetle is bright red in colour and may even be seen on neighbouring plants, however, it is your lilies they are enjoying. The best thing to do is get a pail of water and hand pick the beetles, putting them into the water and then disposing of them. Using Neem is an effective way to control them, as is End All 1 and Malathion. Check out the Manitoba Lily Society website at manitobalilies.ca/lily%20beetle.htm for further information. Be vigilante; learn to be able to recognize them in all stages. If they’ve eaten most of the leaves of your lilies, allow the remaining leaves and stem to die back on their own, as this is replenishing the bulb for next year. Once the stem and leaves have turned brown, just give the stem a twist and pull it out. Disturb the ground around the lilies in the fall and dispose of all the dried stems and leaves.
Fungus is also prevalent this year with all the moisture around and the cooler nights earlier on in the summer. Control the fungus on your plants by mixing 1 Tablespoon of baking soda with 1 litre of water and then spraying on your plants every few days. Try to spray them before you really get hit with a powdery mildew or fungus. Never spray your plants with anything when the sun is shining on them, as this may burn your plants. Spraying in the early morning is best, if possible.
Should the home recipes for your infestation or fungus fail and you need something stronger, please drop by Jensen's for the product for the solution to your problem! 
And smile. No Mosquitoes!!!

For the kids:
What did the Fast Tomato say to the Slow Tomato?

Answer: Ketchup!!!

by Arlene Wheeler
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