Monday, June 17, 2019

Happy Gardening

 I recently read  that more than 75 per cent of gardeners feel a sense of accomplishment when tending to their gardens, while 70 per cent say gardening makes them feel calm and relaxed.
Sooo, grab your gardening gloves and step outdoors this spring.
Add some hardscaping; like boulders, a picket or rustic fence, or arbour.
Add vintage garden accessories; a focal point;  a planter, an old wagon, arches or arbours.
Add a path through the garden; makes it look welcoming and easier to maintain
Add a water feature and or lighting;   solar .... check out these cool new pots in our shop “DESERT “ Pots
Add some drought tolerant annuals as they survive hot & dry conditions like; Zinnias, Periwinkle, Cosmos, Petunias, Sunflowers, Salvia, Celosia.  
Add some low-maintenance perennial as they require little care except for removing dead branches in fall or early next spring,  such as Daylilies-Stella de Oro;  Hostas - king of shade;  Shasta Daisy, Purple Coneflower or Echinacea,  Lavender or Russian Sage,  White Spirea;   
Ornamental grasses are a great addition, soft plumes floating in the slightest breeze. For a medium-sized grass, consider Flame Grass, for taller Karl Forrester. 
Rudbeckia or Black-Eyed Susans, take over the landscape when other flowers are done for the summer. They will bloom in summer through fall and their bright yellow color are noticeable from quite a distance. 

Happy Gardening & remember JUST ask!
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Saturday, June 08, 2019

Cottage Gardens

 “Cottage Garden” style is relaxed, colorful, scented, fun and almost no rules should apply, whimsy.  The best thing about cottage gardens, .. there is always room to squeeze more plants in - use hanging baskets & window boxes.
Tips for Creating a Cottage Garden
Keep it small,  lol.
You need a good mix of plants, native plants  / sturdy plants / deer & rabbit resistance.
Avoid straight lines, gardens & paths should be winding.
Start by planting large clumps of like flowers/plants.  Tulips, daisies, allium, coneflowers, sage …
Repeat both plants and colors, to create a flow and harmony.
Tall plants add archetypal (spikes); scatter liberally through the borders; hollyhock, lupins, foxglove, wisteria, catmint, delphinium, phlox, grasses. 
Invest in Good Soil
Water source via soaker hose, rain barrels, ?   .... check out these cool new pots in our shop “DESERT “ Pots  

The right plant in the right place -  aka full shade .. to full sun etc.,
Select sturdy garden plants, spring-flowering bulbs, purple coneflower, Irises, wild indigo,  Stella d’oro or happy returns daylilies, asters, Russian sage, an old fashion rose climber, peonies…, for foliage interest try blue fescue, lambs ear,
Don't forget scents, honeysuckles, roses, peonies, rosemary, mock-orange  and lavender.
 Create a special place to sit and enjoy the garden.  
Need help ASK US, … 
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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Purple Coneflowers

  DROUGHT TOLERANT & PERENNIAL :   Purple Coneflower      
This coneflower is the original native form, single purple-pink petals surrounding a dark center, which has a long bloom time.
Coneflowers are very resilient.
Coneflowers now come in many different varieties (single, double, or triple types) and colours (white, raspberry, orange, red  and yellow) .
Coneflowers generally grow 2 to 3 feet tall with a spread of 2 feet. 
They bloom from early summer until fall.
They’re a favorite with butterflies and bees.
They make excellent cut flowers for indoor bouquets. 
Prefers full to part sun with average to dry, well-drained soil. 
The roots, leaves, and flowers are medicinal,  
Self sows if seed heads are left to overwinter.
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Growing Tip: Single-flowering forms often live longer than the double or triple types.
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Monday, June 25, 2018

Astilbes for the Shade Garden

Astilbe is a tall, summertime bloomer that adds interest and texture to the garden even after the pink, white or red flowers have dried up and turned brown.  
Their leaf foliage is feathery and clumps at the base of the plant. 
The heights vary depending on kind,  15 inches to 30 inches.
Deer do not particularly like them.    
astilbe, shade plants, winnipeg garden centers

Growing Tip:    Astibles benefit from a bit of protection to get them through the severe winters, a fine layer of mulch, such as chopped leaves or straw.
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Sunday, June 24, 2018


Talk about dependable!
Peonies last for years with very little help from you.
Peonies form pretty, 3-foot tall mounds of foliage that burst into bloom in mid-spring; May to June.
The plants are available in single, double, or semi-double forms, and flowers range in colors and bi-colors.
Peony blooms can be highly fragrant and make extraordinary spring bouquets for weddings or graduations.
They require a sunny garden spot that’s well drained—they don’t like heavy, mucky soil.
 peony, jensen nursery, winnipeg garden centres, flowers to plant

Growing Tip:    Peonies require a period of cold and darkness to bloom well.
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Long Weekend Flowers

Download Attachment...
 Well, ..we are well under way both inside the greenhouse & outside @ Jensen’s Nursery, you can feel the excitement as many gardeners awaited their initial planting this May long weekend. Remember though it is early to plant annuals and most vegetables outside. There is still a chance of frost. Cold hardy onions, potatoes, and garlic bulbs could go in now for sure. If you a way to cover in case of frost or move containers into garages. Then plant away but watch the weather!
Our greenhouse is dazzling with many of our hanging baskets spilling over with colour and gardeners both new and old have been filling their shopping boxes with favourite plants.  A simple rule for planting pots is to have 3 different types of plants; the thriller being the focal or tallest plant in the container, the fillers should be of complimentary colours and shorter than the thriller, and last but not least, the spiller to add the dramatic draping of colour to your container.
The outside area has display tables of rows of perennials that will continue to change as they grow til  blooming and many display areas of shrubs and trees that are just now waking up as they fully leaf out.
Whether you have a shade spot or a sunny spot we have some great suggestions to help build your containers, gardens and landscaping.
Gardening can be a very rewarding activity. With a little time and effort, you can watch your creativity blossom and your ideal outdoor space flower.
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Friday, June 17, 2016

Canada's Garden Days! June 17- 19th, 2016
It's Canada's Garden Days this weekend!
Our special deals for this event start today!!

All 1 gallon size perennials are $1 OFF.
3 1/2" perennials & annuals regular price $4.39 each – 10/$38. 
All Gardening Giftware is on sale 25% OFF! 
Includes great Father's Day ideas - inukshuks, birdfeeders, birdhouses, unique garden animals, miniature supplies, empty containers, wall art, garden gnomes, empty containers and more!
Lot's of great teacher gift ideas at 25% OFF!
15% all Prairie Garden Books
15% OFF Made in Manitoba Skin & Body care!
10% OFF Coal and Canary Made in Manitoba Candles! 
50% OFF Flower bulbs and onion sets
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Friday, May 17, 2013

How to climatize your annuals and perrenials


We must remember to get our plants ready for the great outdoors where they will be subject to the elements of the season.  Most plants at many greenhouses and different places have been babied and have not been used to the wind and the direct sun.

 To make sure your plants are going to survive and be healthy and strong, put them first in a shady, sheltered area and then gradually move them into the sun and the wind for a few hours at a time.  You may have to do this for a few days before planting them out into the garden area or will they will eventually call home.  They will need a lot of water for the first while they are out so they don’t dry out and get stressed.  If they look wilted or the leaves become white (scorched by the sun), give them a good drink and move them back into a sheltered, shady area for a few hours before you move them back out again to where they will be planted.  If you have already planted them out into the garden area, you may have to shelter them from the hot sun and wind by using sheets, newspaper or cardboard boxes to cover them.  Plant out your sun plants first and then your shade plants.  If the temperature drops below 10 degrees at night, your shade plants may suffer and become stressed, so if you have a lot of planting to do, leave your shade plants until the temperature at night is 10 degrees or higher.  If you are planting your containers, the ideal time to plant is in the early evening.  They will then get the rest of the night to settle in before the hot, windy conditions of the day. 

 For the first week, just make sure everything is well watered and then after the first week once they are settled in, start your fertilizing program.  Most plants purchased have little to no food in the soil less mix they are grown in, so you must improve the soil with compost or fertilizer of some kind.  For blooming plants, I recommend a water soluble fertilizer with a high middle number to encourage bloom.  Miracle Gro 15-30-15 is a good one to use.  A fertilizer too high in nitrogen, the first number will encourage a lot of leaf, but little bloom.  If you follow this simple plan, you will have strong, healthy plants that will ward off a lot of insects and give you a lot of bloom throughout the rest of the summer!

Arlene Wheeler

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Gardening Tips

Spring Gardening Tips

If you have covered your perennials or roses with leaves or flax straw (which is a great winter protection for your plants), now is the time to be taking it away.  Do it slowly.  Remove it from the area directly around your plants to allow the plants to breathe.  Don’t put it too far out of reach as you may have to bring it back as protection if our temperatures drop too far below zero at night.  The emerging perennials will be able to endure a lot of cold but remember it’s still too early to be planting out newly purchased perennials. Jensen’s carries some beautiful perennials very hardy to our area. Keep in mind if you really like a perennial, that requires sun, and you have no room left in a sunny spot, all perennials will grow in the shade.  They may not grow as large and they may not flower the way they would in sun, or have smaller blooms, but, they WILL grow.  Don’t deprive yourself of a “Must-Have” perennial.  Give it a try.  You may be pleasantly surprised!
Also, if there are areas of your garden where the soil needs amending, now is the time to enhance the soil to get the area ready for planting.  Drop in for a soil tester to find out if your soil is too acidic or alkaline.  In our clay soil, peat moss is a good product to use as to increase the acidity level in our alkaline soil and it also improves the texture and provides for improved drainage.  Clay soil tends to be very compact and makes it difficult for roots to grow.  Empty the peat moss into a wheelbarrow or muck bucket and add water.  Mix it until it is thick and resembles soil and then dig it into the area.  It is much easier to work with and it won’t be flying away to your neighbours when you start to dig it in. Compost, mushroom manure and sheep manure are also excellent products to use for soil amendment.  If you have an area where your perennials require a lot of acid in the soil and you have evergreens in the yard, save your evergreen clippings and place them around that area.
If your soil is too acid, use a Dolomite Lime to increase the alkaline level.  It is more finely ground and will break down faster in the soil.
Also, if you have recently removed an evergreen tree from the yard, that area will need a Lime to enable grass to grow. This is the perfect time of year to get the area ready for seeding as most lawns prefer a soil that is nearly neutral; in the range of a PH level of 6.5 – 7.2 (PH 7.0 is neutral).
The majority of plants grow best in a PH level of 6.5 – 7.2 as well.
Tomatoes enjoy a handful of Dolomite Lime when planting and periodically throughout the grow season to discourage Blossom End Rot (the black end on the Tomato).
Stay tuned next time for more “Spring Gardening Tips”

Arlene Wheeler

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jensen Nursery and Garden Center - Who we really are.... Our First Blog from November 2010!

Hi my name is Tammy , and I am attempting to write our first blog ever! After my family and staff read this it may very well be my last blog!! Jensen Nursery and Garden Center is a family owned and operated business. My dad, Kurt Jensen started the business 44 years ago out of his River Heights home. There have been many changes throughout the years, but the one thing that has never changed is our family's commitment to the business. Our customers have always been a priority to our business. Over the years, as the garden centre has expanded so has our staff. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce some of our long time staff members!

Mr. Kurt Jensen – owner of Jensen’s since 1966
Mr Jensen can be seen out in his field digging up trees, giving advice to the staff, or walking through the garden center with an eagle eye spotting the one plant that is in desperate need of water! You always know he is around when the bright yellow hydro truck is in the parking lot. He has been an inspiration to me since I was a young child following him around while he sold trees and shrubs to customers at the old lot.

Mrs Elsie Jensen – owner of Jensen’s since 1966
Mrs Jensen has worked behind the scenes for many years. She may be showing up at your door dropping off a landscape estimate, in the greenhouse planting annuals, or running out to buy lunch for Tammy and Sue because they were busy and forgot to bring a lunch!

Tammy Jensen – daughter
I have been learning about the business since I was a child, but have been here fulltime for almost 16 years. My favourite part of the business is being out in the garden center helping customers design their yard! Having a customer leaving with a positive experience is my main goal. I truly believe that customers are what makes a business. And if the customers are happy a business will be successful!

Susan Jensen Stubbe – daughter
Susan can be seen running away from the garden center.....on her way to her next estimate or landcape design appointment. She also spends time out on job sites ensuring that our work is up to our high standards at all times! If you can find her at the garden center she will be happy to pass on her enthusiasm for plants and design.

Karl – garden center staff
Karl is quite often referred to as Mr Jensen! His Danish accent, his love for plants, and dedication to Jensen’s has customers convinced he has to be Mr Jensen! I really do not know where we would be without Karl’s vast knowledge and the dedication he puts into his job.

Jennifer – garden center and gift store staff
Jennifer has helped take our garden center to the next level. She has been an amazing source of ideas and support through all our endeavours of the last few years. She gives us sisters the push we sometimes need!

Laura – garden center and gift store staff
Laura has become our resident bug terminator! She has taken it upon herself to learn every pest that can infect a plant and just how to get rid of it. She also can be seen with her nose in a book looking up information for a customer. She will not rest till she has an answer to your question!

John – garden center staff
Mr fix-it as John has become known, can be heard saying, “I think there is a better way to do this”. John has been become a regular fixture at Jensen’s, upgrading, repairing, and simplifying more items than I could possible list!

Penny – garden center and gift store staff
Penny can be seen in the outdoor display area going through all the shrubs, perennials and trees and keeping them looking their best. Penny is very meticulous with the plants and has become very valuable in keeping our garden center looking its best!

Rennae – garden center and gift store staff
Rennae is always on the move! Whether it be redoing the showroom giftware displays, or running out to help a customer. She also recently has taken a pruning course and is a wealth of information!

Chelsea – deliveries and plantings
Chelsea can be seen loading trees, soil, and stakes into the delivery truck to plant trees in a customer’s yard. If she wasn’t so good at planting trees, we would have her at the garden center fulltime singing to the plants in her beautiful voice! We look forward to having her with us throughout her university years!

*a special thanks to Mark and Luc who have worked very hard in our landscape division making customers yard’s a place to enjoy!

All of these staff have been extremely valuable to our business, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without their help and dedication. I also have to mention the great group of new staff we had this year as well. I’m hoping they will be back next year, and that I will be given an opportunity to tell you all about them in the future! There is also someone who knows who she is that has been working behind the scenes for the last year to get our website up and running. And to her a special thank you!

Now that I have spent so much time raving about all our wonderful staff I have run out of time to talk about the business. So on that note, I invite you to come to our garden center and experience it for yourself! We are truly dedicated to help each and every customer to the best of our ability. If we do not know an answer, we will not give up till we find it. We are here to help you with all your gardening choices! That is my promise! Sincerely yours, Tammy Jensen

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sun, Shrubs, Trees, Soil, Stone, and Flowers galore!

The sun is shining! Spring is finally here! Everytime I look out the window a truck is driving up with a fresh load of shrubs, trees, evergreens, and more! We are in the process of building a new system to display and care for the trees! We also have some very hard working guys potting up truckloads of bareroot trees and shrubs. By tomorrow they will be done, and will start bagging more mulch, riverstone, limestone, shale, soil, and what ever else we can bring them! Jennifer is running around trying to put up signs as quickly as the plants arrive. Chelsey is back for her second year running out to greet all the customers!Laura is taking care of all the annuals and baskets in the greenhouse. Karl AKA Mr Jensen is busy planning and designing the outdoor shrub area. Drop by and check out all the excitement. It may not be organized quite yet, but the plants are here just waiting for a new home. I now have a PDF version of our catalogues available online. There is the shrub and tree plant list, and the perennial list. Just email me at  and I will send it to you! Happy gardening!~ Tammy
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Gardening Saturday this Saturday March 26, 2011 at CMU

The 4th Annual Gardening Saturday will take place on Saturday, March 26th (9 a.m - 4 p.m.) at the Canadian Mennonite University North Campus

One of the most anticipated springtime gardening events for Manitoba Gardeners, Gardening Saturday will have everything you need to get ready for the spring gardening season. This year's event features 19 workshops (theme Urban Farming), an exciting Tradeshow Area ($5 admission), and delicious food in our Eat Local Grow Local Food Market.

Guest Speaker Des Kennedy
Garden Artistry: A "how to" look at the use of art works and "artistic touches" in the gardens of Ireland, New Zealand, England and China. Tickets to the keynote presentation are only $25.00 and include admission to the Trade Show.
Register for your choice of workshops: only $10.00 per workshop. Any workshop registration includes admission to the Trade Show.
Become a Friends Member and receive a 10% discount on
keynote presentation and workshops.

Gardening Saturday Workshops

Want to learn more about gardening? Gardening Saturday's workshop presenters are local experts who will show you everything you want to know. Workshops are designed to appeal to both novice and experienced gardeners. Each workshop is 45 minutes in length and affordably priced at only $10.00 with a discount being offered for Friend's Members. Workshop registrations include admission to the trade show.

1. Landscaping: "The Wow Factor", Charlotte Tataryn. Charlotte Tataryn, Landscape and Interior Designer, Charlotte's Place, is back by popular demand to talk about the basics of landscaping: learn how to make the best of what already exists and how to get the ' wow factor ' affordably.

2. Starting a New Garden Bed, Susan LeBlanc. Wondering where to begin? Susan LeBlanc, experienced gardening enthusiast, will cover the basics from soil preparation and amendment as well as an interesting look at past and present schools of thought.

3. Chickens for WinnipEGGers, Darby & Kara Jones, of Chickens for WinnipEGGers. Urban chickens catch your fancy? The presenters will guide you through a practical approach towards the growing trend in North America of keeping a few hens in your own backyard.

4. Get to Know our Native Grasses, Shirley Froehlich. Come and see how beautiful and versatile they are and how to use them in your garden. Some nice combinations with our Manitoba wildflowers will also be shown and discussed

5. Attracting Birds to your Yard, Sherrie Versluis. Attracting Birds to your Yard Sherrie Versluis Sherrie Versluis of The Preferred Perch tells us how to attract birds to our gardens. After all, what is a garden without birdsong, or the flutter of wings.

6. Herbs, Dave Hanson. Fragrant, tasty, home grown and organic! Herbs are one of the best choices for urban organic gardens, adapting easily to containers and beds of all shapes and sizes. Dave Hanson, owner of Sage Garden Herbs, will show you how to grow a bumper crop of herbs to complement your kitchen garden, leveraging the advantages of all natural growing techniques and the value of intermingling and diversity in the landscape.

7. Container gardens for balconies and small spaces, Jim Beckta . Jim Beckta has been involved in creating lush, beautiful gardens in the smallest of spaces. From container options to raised beds, everyone can have their very own garden!

8. Gardening with Children and Youth, Jeannette Adams Master Gardener . Jeannette Adams will pique the curiosity of our youngest gardeners with tips on getting started in gardening. Parents will enjoy learning how to inspire children to garden at home as well as information on gardening with community organizations and schools.

9. All About Lilies, John Rempel . A household name in Manitoba`s gardening community, John Rempel will talk about new and different varieties, cultivation and propagation as well as an overview of the spread of the red lily beetle.

10. Panel Discussion "What’s New, What’s Hot", Joanne Jones (Growing Pleasures); Erna Wiebe (Oakridge Garden Centre, Steinbach); and Chad Labbe (Shelmerdine Garden Center); Richard Zelke (Cook's Greenhouses) and Ken Land (St Mary's Nursery and Garden Center). Panelists will discuss the newest and latest trends in gardening and all of the exciting new choices awaiting you at the garden centers this spring. Joanne Kelly, Host/Producer Shaw TV will moderate the panel discussion. Sponsored by Bylands Nurseries.

11. Irresistible Irises, Barbara Jean Jackson Master Gardener . Barbara Jean Jackson, Brandon MB. is a Mater Gardener and member of the CanWest Iris Society. This presentation will look at many different varieties of the beautiful Iris species and how to grow them successfully in the prairie garden. Attendees will also take a pictorial walk through Barbara Jean's iris gardens in Brandon.

12. Covering Lots of Ground , Linda Dietrick. Using slides, Presenter Linda Dietrick explores over fifty hardy ground covers for our region. Every gardener has a problem area. Linda suggests solutions for sun and shade, moist soil and dry.

13. Plants for the (Small) Home Landscape, Susan Jensen Stubbe of Jensen's Nursery & Garden Center . Oversized plants taking over your landscape? Susan will recommend which perennials, shrubs and trees are suitable for the smaller landscape and which ones to avoid.

14. Drainage Problems? Create a Rain Garden!, Jodi Goerzen from the Seine-Rat River Conservation District and Chris Maxemuck from C & S Country Gardens. A rain garden is a colourful, perennial planting within a shallow depression that is designed to capture and use rain water that may otherwise run off. This presentation will include discussion of rain garden theory and a demonstration rain garden at C & S Country Gardens being used as a case study.

15. How to Can and Preserve Your Garden Harvest, Judy Schwartz. Jellies, pickles, chutneys, anyone? And don’t forget the tomatoes! Judy will provide information on how to preserve the produce from your garden.

16. Caring for Fruit Trees, Mike Allen. Fruit trees are all the rage. With many new and interesting varieties available to be grown on the prairies, Mike Allen, respected Arborist and owner of Viburnum Trees Experts will explore the topic of fruit tree maintenance.

17. Creating Edible Urban Spaces, Urban Eatin. The experts at Urban Eatin Gardeners Co-op know all about creating vegetable gardens. Want to be part of a co-op? They can tell you everything you need to know!

18. Propogation, Karen Loewen . A fast and easy way to expand your garden affordably. Learn how to propagate your perennials, trees and shrubs with Master Gardener Karen Loewen.

19. Container Gardening, Sharlene Nielsen. Observe Sharlene in action as she provides instruction to 10 participants, who will be creating their own Spring Garden containers in front of you

Workshop Information 2011 Gardening Saturday Registration Form

Please consider lending your time and talents to Gardening Saturday by volunteering . Volunteers receive free admission - we have many interesting opportunities to connect with other gardeners, assist in workshops or in the Trade Show/Food Market areas

If you would like to volunteer,
please contact Helene Fairbanks at 895-4560,  OR CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Hope to see you all there!!
Tammy & Sue!

 Jensen Nursery and Garden Center
2550 McGillivray Blvd
Winnipeg, Manitoba

MARCH HOURS: Monday to Friday 10am -4pm

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