Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring at Jensen's Garden Center!

Well this is it - Spring is here! The greenhouse is looking like a tropical house. I went in there briefly today...closed my eyes and pretended I was in a tropical paradise! Then reality set in and I got back to work getting ready for our first spring seminars this saturday! The false banana plants, elephant ears, and cannas are as big as they were by the end of May last year! The containers are starting to fill out, and people have already been buying the ones with the most flowers on! Our greenhouse is set up, the showroom is filled with new giftware and pottery, and all the bark and soil products have arrived! We finally got claybuster in this year! You mix it into your flower beds to break that clay up! Greg has been out doing estimates and consultations for us. Things are shaping up to be a great year! I look forward to seeing all the familiar faces again this year! All the great staff that were with us last year are all returning for another season! This is the first year I have not had to do any hiring at the garden center. Thank you to everyone that has applied for a job over the last few months! We can only hope for a extremely busy season which would mean more job openings!!

This saturday we are having seminars! The first 2 have booked up, but we have openings for the 12:30, 1:30, and 2:30 seminars. They are free so drop in and take advantage of some great gardening advice. The 2:30 seminar has just been added! Grant Dunn will be coming by to answer all your questions about how to use all of the fertilizers, chemicals, and other garden products that we carry! He is extremely knowledgable and highly recommend this seminar if you have any disease, insect, or general concerns with your lawn, gardens, trees, and shrubs! If you are interested in the first 2 seminars email me and I can let you know if there are any cancellations over the next few days! IF YOU ARE NOT ON OUR EMAIL LIST SIGN UP TODAY. YOU WILL RECEIVE ADVANCE NOTICE OF OUR NEXT FREE SEMINARS! (we book up fast so if you are on our email list you get first chance at attending!)

I was going to take some pictures of the new giftware, and the greenhouse today but ran out of time! So the pictures below are a week or two old! The plants have grown alot in the last 2 weeks! Myself and all my staff look forward to helping you with all your gardening needs this spring!

Tammy Jensen
 ps - Here is my link to Facebook. I post alot of pictures on there if you want to see all the new stock as it arrives - FACEBOOK FANPAGE OR JENSENNURSERY
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Jensen's Greenhouse on McGillivray Blvd, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Peeing Pug at Jensen's Garden Center

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What a great day!

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Well I survived giving my first seminar! In fact I had a great time! Thanks to everyone who came out to the garden center and helped make our seminars a success! I will be working on setting up more seminars soon! Any suggestions on what you would like to see would be great! I showed some of the new annual and perennial introductions! In fact everyone got to actually touch, feel, and smell the plants as I passed them around! The annuals are on my garden tip page if you want to have a peek at them! Bill Dowie who is Ecological Landscaping Consultant at Ecoplicity Sustanable Urban Design gave 2 seminars on how to really get to know your yard, and be a successful gardener! I have attached a PDF of Bill's first seminar. Part two can be found on my previous blog! Bill will be helping us out at the garden center in May and June working as a in house designer. Details to follow! I will tell you two things though - it's free, and he has some great ideas!
Well that is all I have time to talk about today! I will be posting my gargoyles, dragon, and fairies blog next. It's about some new giftware I have received and my parents unfortunate reaction to it! Tammy Jensen

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