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Seedy Saturday at CMU Saturday February 14th

 Share seeds with your loved ones this Valentine’s Day - Winnipeg Seedy Saturday is a chance to share food and a love of gardening with your Valentine this February 14. 
Winnipeg, Manitoba – February 9th 2015 – It may be cold now, but spring is just around the corner and for gardeners that means the beginning of a new season of planning, planting, tending, harvesting and preserving. And while there is much to think about, it all begins with a seed. 
The 15th annual Winnipeg Seedy Saturday will be held on February 14th from 10am-3pm at Canadian Mennonite University (600 Shaftesbury Blvd). Entrance fee will be by donation. The collaborative event put on by Seeds of Diversity Canada, Winnipeg Community Garden Network, The Friends of Gardens Manitoba, USC Canada, and CMU Farm is one of hundreds of similar events taking place across Canada every spring. 
Regardless if you are a farmer, avid gardener, less-than-mediocre plant tender, or just an interested, everyday citizen, this gathering is for you! Heritage, local, and open-pollinated seed varieties will available for sale or trade, while a film and workshops on seed saving and sharing knowledge will round out the day. Seeds are the promise of new life, of spring, the bounty to come, and change. World-renowned physicist and activist, Dr. Vandana Shiva, explains the power of seed by saying, “We need to decentralize our food system, and if we need to decentralize our food system, decentralize seed provisioning. Seed sovereignty must become very central to food sovereignty”.
When Laura-Lynne and Jordan were married they chose to incorporate seeds into their wedding ceremony. During the ceremony, they planted the three sisters - corn, beans, and squash as a symbol of their love. When you plant the three sisters together they support each other interdependently. The beans fix nitrogen in the soil for the corn, and the corn acts as a trellis for the beans to climb up. The squash acts as a ground cover to prevent weeds and retain moisture, supporting all three plants. This symbolism is carried into their relationship as they hope to grow together as unique individuals and on a shared journey, a journey that includes their community. They write that, “We chose to plant the three sisters because with our marriage we 'planted a seed' and started a new chapter in our lives, and wanted to symbolize it in a new way that honoured our new connection to each other.”
Schedule is as follows:
10:30 – Basic Seed Saving with Prairie Garden Seeds
11:30 – Building a Seedy Library in Manitoba
12:30 – Seeds and Farmer’s Rights to Protect Seeds
1:30   - Film: Open Sesame
For more information visit:
www.winnipegseedysaturday.wordpress.com or www.facebook.com/WinnipegSeedySaturday 
Or contact:
Kenton Lobe and Julia Laforge
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Spring! Coming soon at Jensen Nursery and Garden Center

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 What a winter!!! Lots of snow and cold…hard to remember the last time that happened! There is something fantastic about having all this snow cover - great insulation for all your plants.
We are looking forward to SPRING. The tropicals are coming next week, then the greenhouse gets set up. By the end of February the heat will be on and we will plant the hanging baskets. Let us know if there is a special combination you would like. We can try to get that made for you. 
Then the perennials will arrive and then the greenhouse quickly fills up. Hopefully by then all this snow will be almost gone, and you won’t mind venturing out and seeing what’s new.
When you come by you might notice some changes we have made. There are spaces by the gate now to hold bulk items like rock, mulch and soil. On the other side there is a new driveway to load up other supplies like Barkman concrete products, assorted bags of manure, and bags of soil. 
The biggest change - Jensen’s Nursery will no longer be doing landscaping. We still can plant shrubs and trees for you though! We also offer design services and consultations. And we can have Susan at the garden centre. She is looking forward to helping customers and we are looking forward to keeping her at the shop. (most of the time)
On March 3, we will be open with regular scheduled hours. But we are around until then getting ready - cleaning, painting and playing in the soil. Stop by and visit! 
See you soon,

PS..We are having a final one day sale on 2013 products tomorrow! (January 29th, 2014 from 10-3) Most items are HALF PRICE!!!!

Jensen Nursery and Garden Center, greenhouseOur Greenhouse last year!

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