Friday, March 22, 2019

Spring is in the air!

 SURE SIGNS of Spring;  crocuses, bluebirds, Canada geese and sunny warm weather that slowly melt the snow and make roads really mucky, anticipation of seeing all those fall bulbs peeking through the ground, mother nature awakening not only the world around us but also impacting our brains, mood and behaviour by reducing stress,  so begins the planning of gardens, flower pots of tropical flowers along some ole faithful colourful annuals and perennials …  these are a few of my favourite things, …

The winter of 2018-19 has been quite unusual in many regions with plenty of extremes, so the first sight of seeing  tropical plants arriving at the garden center is stunning;  the colours, beauty, fragrance, texture and style that you can add to a space.  There are ficus, palms, croton, monstera, ferns, pothos, snake plant, hoya, zz plant, prayer plant and more!


YES HOT trends again this year  - Succulents and tropicals  just add an earthy and brilliant touch;  come in early to see what we have already received and join into one of our many offered classes this year.   

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Terrarium Fun - Plants for indoors

 Terrarium gardening is TRENDING AGAIN, probably cause it’s so much fun to create these dreamy, moist, lo-maintenance, colourful garden containers;  they are so beautiful and comforting to look at, during a dreary day.  
 … these are miniature gardens in a glass vessel. 
1.        Choose a GLASS CONTAINER / VESSEL (usually a terrarium has a lid to retain moisture) .
       Locate an area in your home that will give ample amounts of sunlight for growth of the plants in your terrarium
2.         Supplies required for this project: 
Pebbles or Stones
Soil – or Sand
Moss and other small mulch 
Plants ; eg succulents, cactus, hens and chicks,
The planting process begins with the pebbles then a layer of charcoal, then moss, then soil and or sand.
Create the landscape of your terrarium by creating small hills etc., using simple household cutlery.  Add the tiny plants (eg. Succulents…)
Finally, add any decorative item in and around plants … watering is best done with a spray bottle as you do not want too much.    Transpiration and evaporation will occur and keep the cycle going. Plants will grow and eventually some may need to be removed or trimmed.

We are stock with succulents and all the supplies you need. Drop in and we can send you home with some supplies. Or make one up while you are here!
 Happy Low – maintenance Indoor Gardening 
terrarium supplies
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Monday, April 17, 2017

Spring is in the air!

 Spring is here hopefully to stay! It's too early to get out and plant shrubs and trees. You need to let the ground thaw. It is a good time to plant some onions...they can handle some frost. We will have onions and potatoes in on friday! It is also a great time to get out and clean up your yard. I like to amend my soil this time of year. Worm castings, Turkey trot or clay buster can be added to your beds now. I also like to sprinkle turkey trot over the entire lawn to give it a boost. If you have questions about your spring cleanup...drop in and talk to our staff for Succulents, spring plants, plant indoors, trendy plants, Jensen Nursery some advice. We are here to help you with all your spring gardening needs. 
If you really want to get planting we have succulents and herbs you can grow indoors. Once it warms up usually the end of can transfer your treasures outdoors. I like to keep a few herbs going in the kitchen window for the beautiful aroma and easy access! Drop by today we are looking forward to your visit! Send us a quick email if you would like to be added to our email list. You will get gardening advice and advance notice of special events and sales. Email - 

The Jensen family and staff.

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