Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Urban Tree Issues by Bill Dowie

Jensen Nursery can solve your urban tree issues...

If you think you do not have enough room in your smaller urban space for trees, think again.  There are a number of workhorse trees 
that Jensen's has in stock that can you can shoe horn in a corner or start creating that living screen that you always wanted (you 
know, that new neighbor just built a raised deck, and now sees your every move!).

Going into June Jensen's will be looking at what else to order for you collectors, but in the meantime here are four great trees of 
different genus (dimension are average height and width):

Malus - Thunderchild Rosybloom are 16x13 feet with a nice vasing growth habit that can act as a great screen in a medium space; the 
new Gladiator is even narrower at 10' wide; of course, there are the old standbys of Radiant, Fushia Girl, and Pink Spires - all will

not exceed a two story house.  Learn about some pruning techniques to shape your small trees in March of every year, and a way you 

Syringa - The Ivory Silk Tree Lilac is on its own trunk and is a true tree form (not the lollipop standard).  It will bloom in later 
June after all your shrub forms have lost their flowers, and is a nice 23x16 feet with off-white flowers and dense leaf and branch 

Prunus - The Amur Cherry, along with the purple foliage of a Rosybloom, will be a great tag team to replace all those dying Schubert 
Chokecherries with Black Knot.  At 30x23, it is the larger of the small urban trees, will grow a nice umbrella canopy if you let it -

though a multi-trunk form is a nice addition - and has gold-brown-bronze exfoliating bark.  A super tree for winter interest.  The 
berries will attract migrating birds in the fall, when the leaves blaze in reds, oranges, and purples.

Bill Dowie

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