Tuesday, May 07, 2019

May Long Weekend is coming!

 May Long Weekend, is fast approaching, which means Mother Nature better bounce back and deliver some amazing weather, but regardless the neighbourhoods will still become a buzz with yard activities;  as the weeks that follow Victoria Day, is Manitoba’s key planting time.  Ready or not, come out and visit the greenhouse especially to get those customer favorites the colourful and tranquil tropical plants, the classic and new annuals, herbs, succulents, house plants & perennials for those front and backyard planters and gardens -  need inspiration for those empty planter pots, Just ASK, …    
hanging baskets, winnipeg greenhouse, mothers day flowers, mothers day gifts
A few SPRING flowering trees and shrubs that will provide a burst of colour and curb appeal to any home, along with minial maintenance;    
flowering rosybloom
Lilacs, many different varieties of colour, needs at least 6 or more hours of sunlight, prefers soil rich in nutrients, so add compost to soil if planting in heavy sand or clay.  Makes a great privacy green screen.Forsythia,  flowers with yellow blooms before the green foliage, needs a sunny location, adaptable to many soil types, upright growth habit, deer resistant.   Azalea & Rhododendron, likes morning sun keep away from afternoon sun as foliage will burn, protect from winter winds.
Crab apples, Sunny location, adaptable to many soil types, display of white, pink or magenta blooms depending on variety selected,  
Flowering Almond, needs full sun, adaptable to most soils , tree and shrub form, making it a great choice for mass plantings. They don’t produce almonds, but have a sweet almond-like fragrance.
Quick tip:  All newly planted nursery stock should be watered at the soil level every day for one week, then every other day for the next two weeks then adjust due to rainfall or drought conditions.
…  Caution: Always remember to do a few good favourite stretches before attempting a good day of gardening.

PS - We just got some beautiful long stemmed cut flower carnations in assorted colors. 
cut flowers, carnations  
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Friday, March 22, 2019

Spring is in the air!

 SURE SIGNS of Spring;  crocuses, bluebirds, Canada geese and sunny warm weather that slowly melt the snow and make roads really mucky, anticipation of seeing all those fall bulbs peeking through the ground, mother nature awakening not only the world around us but also impacting our brains, mood and behaviour by reducing stress,  so begins the planning of gardens, flower pots of tropical flowers along some ole faithful colourful annuals and perennials …  these are a few of my favourite things, …

The winter of 2018-19 has been quite unusual in many regions with plenty of extremes, so the first sight of seeing  tropical plants arriving at the garden center is stunning;  the colours, beauty, fragrance, texture and style that you can add to a space.  There are ficus, palms, croton, monstera, ferns, pothos, snake plant, hoya, zz plant, prayer plant and more!


YES HOT trends again this year  - Succulents and tropicals  just add an earthy and brilliant touch;  come in early to see what we have already received and join into one of our many offered classes this year.   

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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Step into our Paradise!

 Don’t get fooled by Mother nature, be cautious of planting annuals now and til the beginning of June & don’t worry about those perennials being slow -  gardening requires patience, …   but do get busy with your Garden’s clean-up to do list, turning and raking the soil, mixing in some good soil nutrients and mulch / compost.
STEP INSIDE our green house and you will be inspired by the display of flower colours & leaf textures. You will find your ole favourites & some new lovely annuals.   Get inspired to create your own containers by seeing what the greenhouse elves have been up to;  you can bring in your pots and plant them up in side our greenhouse or leave your pots with us and request a custom planting.  Our tabletops are full with hundreds of plants  and the walkways are lined with hanging pots and ground containers readily filled and waiting for your deck.    
 greenhouse, flowers, annuals, tropicals, succulents, hanging baskets
TRENDING …..   “Tropical plants & Grasses”;  for that a dramatic look (Thriller):   they can provide an immediate lush green to any entrance way & will thrive outdoors in our summers.  The tropical plants  can be brought into your house in fall but first must be sprayed for bugs.    
Eg:  Big elephant ears,  ivies, ferns, palm tree, succulents & catus, hibiscus, numerous grasses, cannas, climbing vines …..
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Hot and New Plants 2013

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What’s Hot & What’s New 2013
Jensen Nursery & Landscaping Ltd.

Tropical's/Elephant Ear persian palm, Jensen Nursery and Garden Center, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Persian Palm
Alocasia  x ‘Calidora’  
4-6high &  2-3ft wide   
part sun – shade, wet
Deer resistant

Buddha’s Palm
Alocasia cuculata ‘Buddha Palm’
2-4 ft high & 1-2ft wide
part sun – shade, wet
Deer resistant

Borneo Giant Upright Elephant Ears
Alocasia macrorrhiza 'Borneo Giant' 
7 - 10ft high & 4 - 5ft wide
part sun – shade, wet
Deer resistant Elephant Ears Black Ruffle, Jensen Nursery and Garden Center, Winnipeg, manitoba

Purple Upright Elephant Ears
Alocasia plumbae ‘Nigra’
4-5 ft high 2-3ft wide
part sun – shade, wet
Deer resistant

Black Ruffles Elephant Ears
Colocasia esculenta ‘Black Ruffles’
4 - 5 ft high & 3 - 4 ft wide
sun to part shade, wet
Deer resistant

Elena Elephant Ears
Colocasia esculenta 'Elena'
24 - 36" high & 24 - 36“wide
sun to part shade , wet
Deer resistant banana Plant Zebrina, Winnipeg, Jensen Nursery and Garden Center

Mojito Elephant Ears
Colocasia esculenta ‘Mojito'
4 - 6 ft high & 3 - 4ft wide
sun to part shade, wet
Deer resistant

Thailand Giant Elephant Ears
Colocasia gigantea ‘Thailand Giant’
7-9ft high & 4 - 5ft wide
sun to part shade, wet
Deer resistant
False Banana Plant
Ensete maurelii
5 - 6ft high & 4 - 5ft wide
sun to part shade, average

False Green Banana Plant
Ensete superbum
Grows 5-6 ft tallPansy Purple Rain, Winniepg, Manitoba, Jensen Nursery and Garden Center
bright green foliage
Full sun

False Banana Plant
Ensete glaucum
6-8 ft high
Bluish green leaves.
Full sun

Basjoo Banana Plant
Musa x ‘Basjoo’
very tough Banana Plant
8-10 ft high 4-5 ft wide
Full sun

Margarita Banana Plant
Musa x ‘Margarita’
Fast growing classic Banana look
Lime green foliage
6-8 ft high, part sun

Zebrina Banana Plant Canna Bird of Paradise, Jensen Nursery and Garden Center, Winnipeg, manitoba
Musa sumatrana 'Zebrina'
5 - 6ft high & 4 - 5ft wide
sun to part shade

Poquito Banana Plant
Musa x ‘Poquito’
3-4 ft high and 2-3ft wide
Bright green lush foliage
Part to full sun

Hybrid Begonia
18 - 20" high & 18 - 20“ wide
part sun – shade
Silver, purple and green variegation

Plum Paisley Begonia
Begonia ‘Plum Paisley’
12-15" high & 12-15” wide
part sun - shade
Deep variegated leaves with dark green, white to plum margins

Canna Bird of Paridise
5-6high & 2 - 3ft wide
sun to part shade
Blue green leaves, pink flowers

Australia Red Canna canna Erebus, Jensen Nursery and Garden Center, Winnipeg, manitoba
5-6ft high & 2 - 3ft wide
sun to part shade
Purple Reddish foliage, red flowers

Intrigue Canna
5-6 ft high & 2 - 3ft wide
sun to part shade
Narrow purple leaves, orange flowers

Erebus Canna
3-4 ft high & 2 - 3ft wide
sun to part shade
Green leaves, salmon pink flowers

Ermine Canna
3-4 ft high & 2 - 3ft wide
sun to part shade
Green leaves, pure white flowers

Canna Ra
5-6high & 2 - 3ft wide Kint Tut Grass, Jensen Nursery and Garden Center , Winnipeg, manitoba
sun to part shade
Green leaves, bright yellow flowers


Red Star Palm Grass
Cordyline australis 'Red Star'
24 - 30" high & 15 - 18" side
sun to part shade, dry
Deer resistant

Burgundy Design a Line Palm Grass
Cordyline x ‘Design a line burgundy’
Burgundy foliage that forms a tight clump
2-3 ft high
Part to full sun

Baby Tut Graceful Grass
Cyperus involucratus 'Baby Tut'
18 - 24" high & 14 - 20" wideFireworks Fountain Grass, Jensen Nurserya nd Garden Center, Winnipeg, Manitoba
sun to part shade
Can be used in ponds

King Tut Graceful Grass
Cyperus papyrus 'King Tut'
48 - 72" high & 36 - 48" wide
sun to part shade
Can be used in ponds

Fireworks Fountain Grass
18-24” high & side
Sun or part shade

Princess Fountain Grass
Pennisetum x ‘Princess’
Beautiful purple color of the Purple Fountain Grass 
but has a wider leave to give a more textured look.
Vigorous growing to 3 ft
New zEALAND fLAX, Jensen Nursery and Garden Center, Winnipeg, manitoba
Vertigo Millet
Pennisetum x ‘Vertigo’
Thicker blade, better dark purple coloring.
3-4 ft high Full sun

Toffee Twist Grass
Carex flagellifera
18 - 24" high & 15 - 18" wide
sun to part shade

Bronze New Zealand Flax
Phormium tenax atropurpureum
Very tough
Grows 4-5ft high
Full sun, deer resistant

Senorita Rosalita Cleome
Cleome Hybrid Regal Geranium baroness, Jensen Nursery and Garden Center, Winnipeg, Manitoba,
24 - 36" high & 14 - 20“ wide
sun to part shade
Deer Resistant, Butterflies

15 - 18" high & 12 - 15“wide
sun to part shade

Solenostemon scutellarioides
18 - 24" high & 12 - 15" wide
sun to shade
Deer Resistant, hummingbird

Coleus Marooned
24-36 inchesColeus EI brighto, Jensen Nursery and Garden Center, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sun or Shade

Keystone Copper Coleus
24-36 inches
Sun or Shade

El Brighto Coleus
24-36 inches
Sun or Shade

Merlin’s Magic  Coleus
10-12” high
Sun or shade

Wasabi Coleus
24-30 inches
Sun or Shade
/begonia plum paisle., jensen Nursery and Garden Center, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sun Impatiens
Sun or Shade, hot dry, windy areas, will take frost
- 24-36” high and 18-24” spread
Compact Coral
Compact Magenta
Compact Orange
Compact Pink Blush

Garnet Lace Ipomoea
6-8” high and spreads to 36”
Bronze red foliage

Sweet Carolyn Bewitched Ipomoea
6-8” high and trails to 24”
Dark purple foliage

Picasso in Pink Supertunia
More compact then Pretty much Picasso
10-12” high and trails 36”coolwave pansy, jensen nursery andgarden center, winnipeg, manitoba

Pink Lemonade Suncatcher Petunia
Soft yellow petunia with pink tones
Excellent on containers

Inspired by the wave petunia line
Grows 8-10” high but spreads to 2ft
Excellent in baskets

Violet Wing Pansy

Purple Rain Pansy Cool Wave
Dark purple, cascading pansy
Will trail 18-24”

Asparagus Fern
Vigorous growing from 2-3 ft long
Excellent in mixed containers
Full to part sun

Luna Red Hibiscus
Shrub like, grows 2-3 ft high
Deep red flowers all summer/MinalobataJungleQueen, Jensen Nursery and Garden Center, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Full sun, tolerates a wet area

Mina Jungle Queen
Full sun vine
Yellow and red flowers

Solanum Jasminoides White
Potato Vine
Fragrant white flowers, very vigorous, need support
Part sun

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