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SAT SEPT 15TH, 2012
Morning seminars:
9:15 “Fall lawn and plant care products” – Grant Dunn
Ugly lawn, bugs in your shrubs, brown cedars, deer and rabbits in your garden, or one of many gardening challenges. Grant has a solution for all your gardening woes!! Get your yard looking good and ready for the long winter ahead!!

10:15 “A Master Gardener’s Journey” – Bill Dowie
Bill Dowie, our Resident Master Gardener and Guest Design Consultant, will be presenting the following theme for two back-to-back seminars: "Working your Garden Mind". During the Winter season, there is lots to do to keep your mind on gardening and create that landscape plan that seems to always elude you.

Part One will be talking about all the education opportunities you have as a gardener to pursue degrees, diplomas, and certificates throughout Manitoba. Bill will share his academic journey and provide insight on education programs offered by various organizations. Whether you want to study for designations, or just have fun meeting fellow gardeners while increasing your knowledge of landscape, horticulture, and gardening, this seminar will be a one-stop-shop overview.

11:15 “Working your Garden Mind” – Bill Dowie
Bill Dowie – Master Gardener
Part Two will be talking about what you need to do now to plan your design opportunities for next Spring. Various ways to view, record, and map your landscape will be discussed so that you can plant the right plant in the right place. We all know that weather patterns are changing, that horticulture breeding trends are exciting, and your homeowner needs vary as your family dynamic shifts; this seminar will provide insight on how to take advantage of these aspects through the lessons-learned your garden is providing to you this Fall and Winter.

12:15 FREE LUNCH!!

Afternoon seminars:
12:45 “Pruning with Greg!” – Greg Funk
Learn proper tree and shrub pruning techniques from our resident expert Greg Funk. An interactive seminar that will be both informative and humorous!

1:45 “Top 10 Gardening for Dummies – Part 2”- Jennifer
The much anticipated sequel! Now that you have planted the perfect garden – What you need to keep it perfect!

2:45 “Getting your yard ready for Spring”- Arlene
What do you need to do to have your yard ready for spring?
Arlene will walk you through the steps! Get a jump on spring this fall!

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