Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Arlene's Lasagna Gardening Tips

Arlene’s Lasagna Gardening Tips

This is the time of year to take advantage of all the Carbon sources around to create a vegetable garden or flower bed without having to break your back doing it. It’s easy – no digging or tilling!  You’ll also be able to use all the compostable items from your yard and kitchen   NO meat or dairy please!!!
Lasagna gardening or sheet composting is an organic gardening method that results in fluffy, rich soil, with very little work. You are going to build a garden by layering nitrogen and carbon sources, similar to creating Lasagna.

Nitrogen sources:  grass clippings used coffee grounds
(Greens) used tea leaves or bags fruit & vegetable scraps
fresh weeds (no seeds) blood meal
alfalfa pellets composted manures

Carbon sources: leaves sawdust
(Browns) corn stalks (cut up) pine needles
peat moss straw
wood chips newspaper
cardboard shredded bark
dryer lint

To create a garden or flower bed, mow the grass or other vegetation as short as possible.  Loosen the soil underneath with a spading fork.  Remove the weeds.  Cover the area with 4 – 6 overlapping layers of newspaper or cardboard.  Wet the area thoroughly. Fill in the area with layers of Nitrogen materials (Greens) and Carbon materials (Browns), ending with Browns, to a minimum of about 18 inches in height. Ending with a Carbon layer discourages flies from laying eggs in the nitrogen, such as the kitchen scraps and composted manure, however, you will be creating an attractive playground for the earthworms to loosen up the soil as they tunnel through it.  To speed up the composting process, sprinkle the layers with a Compost Accelerator, as there is little or no heat reaction from the microorganisms to speed the process along. Cover with about 4 – 6 inches of a 4-way garden mix. By the time spring rolls around, the garden will be ready for planting.  The layers will have decomposed and it will look and smell like fresh earth. There will be no need for fertilizer next year!!!
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