Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Step into our Paradise!

 Don’t get fooled by Mother nature, be cautious of planting annuals now and til the beginning of June & don’t worry about those perennials being slow -  gardening requires patience, …   but do get busy with your Garden’s clean-up to do list, turning and raking the soil, mixing in some good soil nutrients and mulch / compost.
STEP INSIDE our green house and you will be inspired by the display of flower colours & leaf textures. You will find your ole favourites & some new lovely annuals.   Get inspired to create your own containers by seeing what the greenhouse elves have been up to;  you can bring in your pots and plant them up in side our greenhouse or leave your pots with us and request a custom planting.  Our tabletops are full with hundreds of plants  and the walkways are lined with hanging pots and ground containers readily filled and waiting for your deck.    
 greenhouse, flowers, annuals, tropicals, succulents, hanging baskets
TRENDING …..   “Tropical plants & Grasses”;  for that a dramatic look (Thriller):   they can provide an immediate lush green to any entrance way & will thrive outdoors in our summers.  The tropical plants  can be brought into your house in fall but first must be sprayed for bugs.    
Eg:  Big elephant ears,  ivies, ferns, palm tree, succulents & catus, hibiscus, numerous grasses, cannas, climbing vines …..
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well, this is the time for planting – finally!!!

We must remember to get our plants ready for the great outdoors where they will be subject to the elements of the season.  Most plants at many greenhouses and different places have been babied and have not been used to the wind and the direct sun. To make sure your plants are going to survive and be healthy and strong, put them first in a shady, sheltered area and then gradually move them into the sun and the wind for a few hours at a time.  You may have to do this for a few days before planting them out into the garden area or will they will eventually call home.  They will need a lot of water for the first while they are out so they don’t dry out and get stressed.  If they look wilted or the leaves become white (scorched by the sun), give them a good drink and move them back into a sheltered, shady area for a few hours before you move them back out again to where they will be planted.  If you have already planted them out into the garden area, you may have to shelter them from the hot sun and wind by using sheets, newspaper or cardboard boxes to cover them.  Plant out your sun plants first and then your shade plants.  If the temperature drops below 10 degrees at night, your shade plants may suffer and become stressed, so if you have a lot of planting to do, leave your shade plants until the temperature at night is 10 degrees or higher.  If you are planting your containers, the ideal time to plant is in the early evening.  They will then get the rest of the night to settle in before the hot, windy conditions of the day.  For the first week, just make sure everything is well watered and then after the first week once they are settled in, start your fertilizing program.  Most plants purchased have little to no food in the soil less mix they are grown in, so you must improve the soil with compost or fertilizer of some kind.  For blooming plants, I recommend a water soluble fertilizer with a high middle number to encourage bloom.  Miracle Gro 15-30-15 is a good one to use.  A fertilizer too high in nitrogen, the first number will encourage a lot of leaf, but little bloom.  If you follow this simple plan, you will have strong, healthy plants that will ward off a lot of insects and give you a lot of bloom throughout the rest of the summer!
Arlene Wheeler
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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

We are in the greenhouse planting...........

Wow, here we are again, it's a balmy 25C and we are in our greenhouse planting annual baskets! When we leave to go home you almost forget that it is 40 degrees colder outside and that you need a jacket! We have planted over 800 hanging baskets in the last 24 hours. I did up some beautiful shade basket combo's with trailing lobeila, fushia, and torenia! I did though start with about 100 bright colored baskets for a sunny location. I wasn't ready to think about shade when I first started. I used some petunias, calabrachoa, verbena, nemesia, osteospermum, and straw flowers to name a few! Jennifer was doing up Proven Winner combo baskets, while Susan was working on the old standby favorites! I heard her talking about ivy geraniums, torenia, and petunia's with Proven Winners diamond frost! Tomorrow we are going to finish up the unique cone planters that are so popular! Im thinking the birch bark one will go great with a toffee twist grass and some black eyed sue vines! I cant wait to see our baby plants grow! I have some pictures of last year's baskets I will post for you to look at! Well that is about all I can say for now! Flower names, growth habits, sun/shade preferences are all that I can think of now! That and what colors of annuals with compliment each other the most! So on that note, happy dreaming of sunny days ahead!!!! Tammy

yellow sweet potatoe vine and purple osteospermum                                        assorted baskets
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