Thursday, May 14, 2015

Time to plant! Huge selection of shrubs and trees now in stock!

 We now have a huge selection of shrubs, trees, perennials in stock!
Our greenhouse is also bursting at the seams with flowers!
Bit early to plant annuals outdoors, but a great time to plant shrubs and trees. You could also get a head start by planting containers in your garage - move them outside on a warm day and back in the garage at night!
Some of our pond plants have arrived - be careful though they cannot handle frost! Floaters are not in yet, but marginals and oxygenators are here. I will send out a detailed e-mail once they are all here! Make sure yousubscribe to our newsletter here for updates.
Check out the pictures below of our outdoor display area! We have some gorgeous plants in! Shrubs and trees come with a FREE 1 year warranty or a optional 5 year Myke Warranty! Here is a link about our Myke Warranty (this product really does work)
Click here -Use Myke Warranty!
Weather got you down? The greenhouse is warm, tropical feeling and guaranteed to put a smile on your face! If it wasn't so full of flowers we could put out some patio furniture and have a indoor garden party!!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sun, Shrubs, Trees, Soil, Stone, and Flowers galore!

The sun is shining! Spring is finally here! Everytime I look out the window a truck is driving up with a fresh load of shrubs, trees, evergreens, and more! We are in the process of building a new system to display and care for the trees! We also have some very hard working guys potting up truckloads of bareroot trees and shrubs. By tomorrow they will be done, and will start bagging more mulch, riverstone, limestone, shale, soil, and what ever else we can bring them! Jennifer is running around trying to put up signs as quickly as the plants arrive. Chelsey is back for her second year running out to greet all the customers!Laura is taking care of all the annuals and baskets in the greenhouse. Karl AKA Mr Jensen is busy planning and designing the outdoor shrub area. Drop by and check out all the excitement. It may not be organized quite yet, but the plants are here just waiting for a new home. I now have a PDF version of our catalogues available online. There is the shrub and tree plant list, and the perennial list. Just email me at  and I will send it to you! Happy gardening!~ Tammy
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