The Christmas Trees of Jensen’s

Balsam Fir

Balsam Fir has a deep-seated tradition in Canada, being one of the first evergreens people selected as Christmas trees. Has a deep green foliage and a pliable, soft, leathery feel. Will take medium sized ornaments and has a strong sweet fragrance, making it one of the most sought after trees on the market.

Fraser Fir

The "Ultimate" Christmas Tree! This tree is gaining tremendous recognition as an outstanding Christmas Tree largely because of its beautiful layered appearance, upswept branch angle and excellent needle retention. Has a very pleasant sweet scent and is a deep lustrous green.

Scotch Pine

Traditionally a very popular choice, because of it's longevity in the home if properly cared for. Blue-green to green foliage with stiff, waxy and somewhat prickly texture. Pleasant fragrance and will take heavy ornaments.

White Pine

A popular tree in various regions. Safe for small children and pets because of long soft needles. Light decorations are better for this tree - consider decorating with lights only! You will love the pleasant evergreen fragrance.

Nordman Fir

The Nordman Fir has symmetrical strong branches that are perfect for holding large or heavy ornaments. The short, dark green needles are soft and flat, with a waxy cuticle that gives the tree its shiny appearance and helps prevent drying. With very little fragrance, the Nordman Fir is the best Christmas tree for anyone with allergies, and has superb needle retention.

Manitoba Spruce

The native Manitoba Spruce tends to be tall and skinny. Great for small areas with large ceilings. Can be cut to fit any size room, or for outside decoration. Commonly referred to as the Charlie Brown Tree!

*NEW FOR 2017* Cannon Fir & Douglas Fir now available!