2019 Fundraising

Committee Information

Through Jensen Nursery and Landscaping Ltd. we offer a “Green Card” Fund-raiser. This consists of Gift Cards valued at $25.00 and $50.00. The School/Organization would earn 25% of the total sales collected.

We feel the Green Cards are an easy sell item. The participants would pre sell the cards by a set date. Once all the orders are in the committee would give us the total amount of cards required and payment for 75% of the total sales, keeping 25% of the earnings. For Example:

If  you sell the following:

100 @$25.00 cards

100 @ $50.00 cards

The total sales would be: 2500.00 + 5000.00 = 7500.00

Thus the school would earn 25% of the sales or $ 1875.00

The gift cards can then be used to buy any items at our Retail Garden Centre. Our Garden Centre is located at 2550 McGillivray Blvd (corner of Brady and McGillivray.). We carry trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, gift ware, pottery, Christmas trees and ornaments. The Green Cards cannot be used for planting service.

If you have any further question please call me at 488-5042 or email Susan at jnlltd@mts.net.