I encourage all gardeners out there to hunt down a Garden Club or Society in your area and get out and enjoy the different programs available. Over the winter months it’s so nice to get together with people that share your love of gardening. Many of the Clubs offer workshops, seminars, junior gardener programs, garden tours, many knowledgeable and interesting speakers, and more. I was with the East Kildonan Garden Club for many years and developed some great friendships with some wonderful, experienced gardeners willing to share their vast gardening expertise. Gardeners are a special group of people. They always want to share and help all gardeners, especially those new to the gardening scene, that feel they know nothing when it comes to gardening. The experienced gardener recognizes that they knew little when they started out. Being involved with the Garden Club really added to my gardening knowledge and added much enjoyment in my life.

Some Clubs operate under the umbrella of the Manitoba Horticultural Association (M.H.A.) Other Clubs and Societies stand on their own. The M.H.A., a non-profit organization, established in 1895, promotes interest in horticulture and acts as a source of information to Association members and to the general public. The M.H.A. is holding their 115th Annual Convention in Brandon, January 17th, 18th and 19th, 2013 (a great winter retreat for gardeners). They are offering some very interesting speakers and topics. Stefan Fediuk, Landscape Architect from the City of Windsor and formerly of the City of Winnipeg, will be speaking on Creating a Personal Paradise in the Garden; Lew and Tammy Wallace from Minnesota will be doing a demonstration on Arranging with Glads. They do a fabulous job. Many of you will have seen their work displayed at St Vital Mall over the years, with the Glad and Dahlia flower show. There are many other great guest speakers and topics such as Container Gardening With Herbs, Cacti and Succulents, Growing Tropicals in your Garden, Iris – the Median Alternative by the very experienced Barb Jackson. Everyone will be wanting to here from Duayne Friesen from Ball Superior on “What’s New for 2013”. There are many other interesting speakers as well. Registration is on the Thursday with guest speakers continuing throughout the day on the Friday and Saturday. There will be a Banquet and Gardeners Auction on the Friday that is always a lot of fun. The cost is very reasonable and is a nice get-away in the middle of January.
Check out the I Can Garden Website, for more information on the Convention and a garden club near you or you can email the M.H.A. directly at There are 23 Garden Clubs and Societies under the M.H.A..

Following is a list of clubs that are not under the umbrella of the M.H.A.:

Steinbach & Area Garden Club
East Kildonan Garden Club
Gimli Garden Club
Friends of Gardens Manitoba (formerly Friends of the Conservatory)

Herb Society of Manitoba
Manitoba Orchid Society
The Manitoba Regional Lily Society
Bonsai Society of Winnipeg
Friends of the Beausejour Daylily Gardens