Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Frost Tonight - Bring in your Tropicals

The frost warnings have started in Winnipeg unfortunately. If you want to bring in your Tropicals for winter, now is the time. 
They should be kept in a separate area for a few weeks. Spray weekly with End All or a Safer's Insecticidal Soap till all signs of bugs are gone. 

If you want to store bulbs or tubers over the winter, wait keep the plants outside till they have had a light frost. Once frost has blackened the foliage, dig out the bulbs and tubers.Carefully remove as much soil as you can. Cut off the remaining leaves to 2-3 inches and split. Let the bulbs dry for 7-10 days in a warm, frost free enviroment that is well vented. After this remove all remaining soil ,making sure they are dry. Then dust the tubers and bulbs with sulphur or bulb dust. Store bulbs in vermiculite or dry peat moss in a cool well ventilated area that will not freeze. (5-10 degrees Celsius is best)
Please note: Dahlia tubers, alocasia and colocasia bulbs do not like to dry out completely. Keep the peat moss slightly damp. Spritzing with water may occasionally be necessary. 

Posted by Tammy Jensen at 12:40 PM