Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Great Deals for you Containers or Gardens!

 Looking For Some Great Buys on Plants to Fill Those Bare Spots or Add to your Garden or Container??????
Well, you have come to the right place!!!  Jensen’s is having a great start of summer sale on all baskets, decorative containers, shade annuals, trailers, annual herbs, vegetables and tomato packs.  All baskets and decorative containers are $5.00 off, while the veggies and annual herbs are $1.00 off.  The trailers are marked down to $2.00 and the Tomato 6 packs are $1.50.  The Ornamental Corn, priced at $7.99 and marked down to$4.00 is a must to try.  The variegated leaves are so pretty and add a special touch to any container instead of the traditional Dracaena spike.  This is the time to test it in your garden to see how it performs.  You may be “AMAIZED” and anxious to try it in a container next year!  Priced at $1.00, now is the time to try some Purple Basil.  It’s decorative as well as edible!
 The old blue Recycling box, taking up space in the garage or basement, is a great container for planting herbs or even a few tomatoes or other vegetables and some marigolds.  Always plant some marigolds with your vegetables or in the flower garden to ward off some of those bad bugs.  They hate the smell!  When preparing your container for planting, line the bottom with newspaper to keep the soil in (you need holes for drainage), fill about 1/3 of the container with plastic recyclables, add your soil and you’re ready for planting!  If you have children or grandchildren, let them have their own garden.  A Recycling container is a great way to go.  Let them plant what they want and teach them how to look after what they are growing!  You will create a lot of pride in your child when they see what they can grow themselves!
With just finishing the School Program, I am just starting to think of potting up my own containers on my balcony.  The remaining plants in the greenhouse are healthy and in great shape. There are some beautifully coloured shade annuals like the Non-Stop Begonias and Fuchsias.  I picked up a couple of beautiful dark leaf Cannas called ‘Intrigue’, mouth-watering Non-Stop Deep Salmon Begonias, Dahlberg Daisies, ‘Sunsatia Lemon’ Nemesia, ‘Sedona’ Coleus and Lysmachia (creeping jenny).  I really loved the colour combination of these plants so I’m testing the Begonias this year to see how they will perform on my hot balcony.  Hopefully I will get enough shade in the hottest part of the day!  Of course, I had to pick up some Heliotrope for a separate container to enjoy the heavenly vanilla-scented perfume, especially in the evening. Nemesia is also one of my favourites for its fragrance.
We have some beautiful trailing plants in the greenhouse and keep in mind you can grow many of them as houseplants over the winter.  I over-wintered Lysmachia this past winter on my table near my balcony window.  I loved the colour and the way it trailed so freely, adding a touch of elegance to my table as it trailed over the edges.  I cut it back severely in March and it really bushed out nicely. The trailing stems root where they touch moist soil.  It’s a very versatile trailer as it shines in hanging baskets and containers, as a ground cover or spilling over walls; a beautiful foliage accent wherever it is grown.  It can grow in anything from light to full shade and tolerates full sun as well, with enough water.  
If you’re looking for a filler that will perform in the hottest of spots in full sun, try the Licorice plant (Helichrysum petiolare).  It has a tiny grayish leaf, has an upright habit, a height of 8 – 12” is great for containers or in the landscape and is hardy in our climate.
Variegated Swedish Ivy (Plectranthus Australis ‘Variegatus’) is also an attractive trailer for containers and hanging baskets.  It has an attractively marked leaf and roots very easily.  It makes a great houseplant in winter and enjoys being transferred to the outdoors come spring.  
Two of my favourite creeping plants for containers and baskets are the Kenilworth Ivy and the Variegated Creeping Charlie.  The Kenilworth has small leaves and fragrant violet-coloured flowers.  It enjoys shade or part shade, while the Creeping Charlie enjoys full sun to part sun.  I especially love the scalloped, variegated leaves of the Creeping Charlie.  The small, trumpet-shaped flowers add interest in late spring, making it a good choice for use as a ground cover or trailing from pots and baskets and it’s hardy to -40 F!!!
As I was wandering around the greenhouse trying to decide on what plants I wanted to grow in my containers, I spotted some graceful Fiber Optic Grass (Isolepsis (Scirpus cernus).  It really adds interest to containers and the landscape alike and grows well in full sun to part shade.  
Well, I hope I have peaked your interest and you will come out and have a look, and, if you have some empty containers (especially the 2 ¼ inch square pots) that I could use for the school program next year, please bring them along!
Arlene Ortiz (Wheeler)
Posted by Tammy Jensen at 8:33 AM