Monday, September 12, 2022

Tree Banding

It is that time of year again.  It is time to band your trees. 
Tree Bands need to be in place by the end of September or before a hard frost.  These bands will stop the wingless adult female cankerworms from laying their eggs in the tree’s crown.  The bands are made for foil faced insulation and a sticky substance called Sticky Foot.  You also reapply the Sticky Foot before March 15th.  This will control spring cankerworms.
Instructions for Banding
- Cut a piece of fil faced insulation that will go around the entire circumference of your tree at 1.5 meters (4-5ft ) from the ground.
- Place the insulation side on the bark, with the foil facing out.  Tightly staple the foil to the tree.  Make sure there is no gaps between the bark and the insulation.
- Spread a layer of Sticky Foot on the band.
- Re apply Sticky Foot on March 15th to control the spring cankerworms
- Remove the bands by early June, so the bark does not rot  from wet insulation

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Posted by Tammy Jensen at 10:47 AM