Arlene's Mid-Summer Tomato Tips

This is the time of year we should be starting to enjoy some tasty, home-grown tomatoes.

Here are some tips:

Don’t forget – Tomatoes are calcium lovers, so save your eggshells to work in around your plants or add bonemeal to prevent the Blossom End Rot (the black end on the tomato).

Water the soil around the tomato plant and not overtop.

If you are a smoker, wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly before handling the tomato plants to prevent the Tomato Mosaic Virus. This virus produces distorted leaves and blotches on the fruit.

Remove all the suckers (the stems that grow out between the main and side shoots).

Once the tomato plant has set fruit, remove all the stems underneath the fruit.

Fertilize with an organic fertilizer made by Bio Fert Manufacturing in B.C.. It is made up of plant extracts, alfalfa, kelp and soy bean mulch, natural potash, blood meal and fish emulsion (without the smell!!!).

You will have a rich tasting, larger tomato with a longer shelf life!