Arlene’s Mid-Summer Gardening Tips -Watering



In this scorching heat that we are experiencing, it’s hard to keep up with the watering. To maintain a healthy, green lawn, water to a depth of 6 – 10 inches a couple of times a week (about ¾”) each watering. You will maintain a healthy grass if you completely wet the root zone each time you water. Each sprinkler applies water at a different rate. A simple test to find out how much water your sprinkler is applying to your lawn is to put out a small empty can such as a tuna or salmon can. After 15 minutes, measure how much water is in your can. An efficient way to test how deeply you have watered is to either use a soil probe or a very long screwdriver. After about an hour after watering, push the probe into the soil. It will be difficult to push through dry soil; however, it will easily slide through wet soil. Water your lawn until you can easily slide the probe to a depth of 6 – 10 inches.
Also, water in the morning and don’t waste your water by watering at the hottest part of the day. I discourage watering at night as water sits on the blade of the leaf and attracts insects and fungus. Mow your lawn to a height of 2 inches minimum and remove the weeds – they only use up a lot of the water!
It is important to water around the foundation of the house to prevent cracking of the foundation, however, during periods of rain, insure that the drain pipes are flushing the water away from the house.


Water around the drip-line of the tree, (that’s where the water falls off the outside of the tree), and out about two feet. The feeder roots are in this area, not at the trunk of the tree. Use mulch to preserve moisture, keep the roots cool and suppress the weeds.

Perennial and Annual Flower Beds

Perennials have a deeper root system than annuals, so water them slowly and deeply. Annuals, with their shallow root system require more watering on a regular basis. Ensure that you water slowly so as not to expose any of the roots. Use mulch as well to preserve moisture.

Hanging Baskets and Containers

Most hanging baskets and containers are quite full right now so make sure to water slowly to ensure the roots are well watered. The roots will gravitate to the outside of the container so try not to let your baskets and containers dry out.

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