Friday, May 27, 2011

When you see someone without a smile give them yours!

Yesterday at the end of a long day I put that up on my staff bulletin board. This weather lately has been crazy to say the least. And not agreeable to Manitoba gardeners. Frost warning, no frost warning, hot summer weather, cold arctic winds, dreary rainy days..... where is our famous Manitoba summer? I'm seeing frustration in my customers, my staff, and feeling it myself. Last night I decided it was time for the season to start in spite of the weather. I came home after a 12 hour day and started digging out weeds and planting perennials and annuals. The first thing I planted was a  large 9' high piece of driftwood! Behind it I planted a cup and saucer vine that will grow up the driftwood and create an interesting feature right in my front yard. In front of it I have a summer wine ninebark. The dark color of the ninebark makes the driftwood stand out more! When the flowers bloom on the vine and the ninebark I think it will be gorgeous!
After that I started digging out some unusual weeds that have taken over my rock garden. Roundup would have been easier but working by hand is quicker and more therapeutic! In that bed in front of lovely piece of driftwood I found at Patricia Beach I planted 3 fireworks fountain grass. I figure it will delicately fall over the driftwood! Next I moved on to the herb garden I planted along my garage. I actually made a raised herb garden using some railway ties that were lying around my yard. I put a climbing spinach vine in the middle to grow up my trellis. I put lemon balm(for tea), mint(for mohito`s), rosemary, oregano, and thyme for cooking. Then I crawled into the house, hugged the kids goodnight, and settled in for a good rest before a new day begins! Wishing everyone a good weekend and happy gardening! I would love to hear some gardening stories. If you have an interesting one send it to me. I can post the most interesting one on our blog each week! Tammy Jensen


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