Monday, May 18, 2015

The Wonders of Spring in Manitoba....

Once again May Long weekend here in Manitoba started off nice and ended with rain, snow and frost.  As a Garden Centre owner I strive to have our centre ready for customers as soon as possible each spring.  The weather doesn’t always agree with us.   We spend a lot of time moving plants in and out of the greenhouse, putting tarps on and taking them off.  This weekend was just that.  We started covering the most tender plants on Sunday afternoon and laying down the cedars to ensure the snow didn’t damage them. 
When I arrived at work on Monday morning to see the snow covering the plants and the weather forecast calling for -6 overnight I knew something had to be done.  My first reaction was to be completely overwhelmed.  How could I get it all done?  Where would I get enough tarps on a Holiday?  Then I turned around to see my staff all bundled up and ready to get to work.  And to work we went.  I also starting making phone calls trying to find some tarps.  Buy the end of the day all the plants where in the garage, greenhouse or under tarps.   
I would like to put a huge THANK YOU out there to all the people that helped out.  Grant Harris and his son in law, who showed up to bring some tarps and help put them on.   Precon Builders for the tarps they loaned me and to Pat Traill who come in on his day off to open the shop up.  To my husband and son who showed up with dry clothes and stayed to help.   And a huge thank you to my staff that worked on Sunday and Monday.  You guys are the most amazing group in the world.  Our Garden Centre is what it is because of each one of you.   
Once again Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Susan Jensen Stubbe
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