Friday, July 19, 2013

Are you that Gardener That Used to be on Breakfast TV?

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Are You the Gardener That Used to be on Breakfast TV Last Year? I was on my balcony a few days ago enjoying the sweet perfume of my Heliotrope and reading a book when I heard someone calling “Are you the gardener that used to be on Breakfast Television last year”? “I wonder if you can help me”. One of my neighbours on a balcony above was trying to get my attention. She was having some problems with her tomatoes. She showed me one of the tomatoes and it had a blackened end. After explaining to her that her tomatoes were lacking in calcium, I was thinking that she is probably not alone. If your tomatoes are starting to ripen and you notice a brown/black end on your tomato, you have Blossom End Rot, which is a calcium deficiency. Give your tomato plants some calcium in the form of bone meal, Dolomite Lime or even milk powder. Mix it into the soil around the plant. Apply every couple of weeks. Save your egg shells as well, although they take some time to break down. Crush them and break them down as best as you can and then work them into the soil around the plant. Make sure you give your tomatoes enough water to allow the plant to uptake the calcium from the soil, but, never water overtop of your tomatoes, only around the root area. .I used Orgunique 4-3-7 Tomato and Vegetable Fertilizer last year and I swear by it. I was so late in planting my tomatoes, I didn’t expect to be eating tomatoes in July, but, by using Orgunique’s Tomato and Vegetable Fertilizer, I was enjoying large, tasty tomatoes in no time. It is 100% organic and contains all the nutrients needed for tomatoes and other vegetables. Applied monthly, it promotes strong stems, flower and fruit set. It contains added calcium which discourages Blossom End Rot and kelp which stimulates growth in all stages of plant development. Read my blog on Tomatoes for more Tomato tips and tricks. Arlene Ortiz (Wheeler)
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Tomatoes Love Calcium by Arlene Wheeler

I miss my tomato plants this year! At the apartment where I now live they are re-doing our balconies so this year I am Tomatoless!!! There is nothing like a home grown tomato, so I hope some of my gardening friends take pity on me.

Tomatoes are calcium lovers. Add calcium in the form of Bonemeal or Dolomite Lime to the soil as you are planting and then every few weeks throughout the growing season. Save your egg shells, crush them and then add them to the soil around your tomato plants. They take some time to break down but will also help keep away the cutworms. Don’t let your tomatoes dry out. The plants need sufficient moisture to uptake the calcium from the soil. The calcium and consistent watering will help prevent Blossom End Rot (the black end on the tomato). If you started your tomato plants early from seed and they have grown lanky before you have a chance to get them in the ground, remove some of the side stems and plant them deep. The seedlings can also be trenched as long as you leave about a three inch grow tip. As your plant grows, remove the suckers (the little stems that grow between the main stem and a side shoot). Once your tomato plant has set fruit, remove all the side stems underneath where it has set fruit. The plant no longer needs them and they will only take strength away from the plant and the fruit. In late August, cut the top of the tomato plant to allow all the strength to go into the plant and the fruit. You will get a much stronger plant and larger fruit! Enjoy!

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