Thursday, May 17, 2012

May Long Weekend - Planting time is here!

Well it's that time again! Typically it should be safe to plant annuals after the may long weekend. I've also heard after the first full moon in June! This year people have been planting for about 2 weeks already! I have to admit I did a container with a false banana plant, licorice plant, calabrachia, and black eyed sue vine about 1 1/2 weeks ago. Two nights ago we had a low of 1 degree. My container survived! I had planted using "Myke" to get the root going fast! People have been asking me for 2 weeks if it safe to plant. My response is always the same - "Well it is 25 above and beautiful - BUT this is Winnipeg and the weather can change in a second." Waking up yesterday and finding out the temperature dropped to 1 degree just confirms it! So plant away - but please check the forecast! Just a little frost can kill a annual. The perennials, shrubs, and trees can handle it now.
We expect to be very busy at the garden center this weekend. I apologize in advance if we do not get to all the phone calls. I have been trying after hours to catch up all the phone messages - but this weekend it will be hard. Send me a email at and I will see it on my blackberry and I can send back a quick answer!! We just received a truckload of plants last night - I recall seeing Topaz Jewel Rose, Champlain Rose, Fireglow Rose, Pavement Roses, Mohanican Viburnum, French Lilacs, Lilac and Caragana Standard, Trail Applecrab, Pagoda Dogwood, and Ivory Halo Dogwood to name a few! I am expecting a truck load of annuals today - petunia's, toamtoes, vegetables, herbs, ageratum, alysum, aster, begonia, cosmos,caster bean, coleus, datura,dusty miller, gazinia, impatience, kale, lavatera, lobelia,marigolds, morning glory, nicotina, nierembergia, petunia, portulaca, salvia, snapdragons, vinca,zinnia, blackeyed sue vine, euphorbia, sweet potatoe vine,osteospermum, geraniums, spikes, nemesia, and mandivilla vine. Just to name a few!!!! Gerald Lacoste will be sneaking all the fancy "oddball" as he calls them variety's in the back door as well!!!
Well I have a busy day ahead sorting out 300 plus flats of new annuals! I expect they should arrive by mid afternoon! So see you in the greenhouse!
Happy planting!
Tammy Jensen
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Monday, July 04, 2011

Freckles, Religious Radish and Texas Parking Lot by Arlene Wheeler

“What does that have to do with plants and gardening”?, you say.

I had the opportunity on Saturday to take a walk through the beautiful English Gardens at Assiniboine Park. If you haven’t done so in a while, now is the time! Take a look at some of the plants they have grouped together and how fantastic they look. Some of the combinations are really pleasing to the eye. It will give you some great ideas for your planters and gardens for next year. Take a pen and paper to make some notes. The bright orange poppies planted in front of the white cascading blooms of the Bridal Wreath Spirea are always one of my favourite combinations and the peonies in front of the Conservatory are breathtaking. The staff at the park has given us an amazing display of beauty.
Freckles, Religious Radish and Texas Parking Lot are actually names of different varieties of Coleus. Freckles, with its rusty orange leaves splashed with a gold/yellow is planted with a beautiful orange impatiens and next to a new colour of impatiens that is light peach with a bright orange splash on each petal. What a beautiful combination! In another area they had interspersed Religious Radish Coleus, a Coleus with a great touch of a raspberry colour, together with a variegated Purple Fountain Grass (Pennisetum X Advena) called Fireworks. Another interesting and beautiful combination! In the Leo Mol garden, you will find the Texas Lot Parking Lot Coleus. What interesting names for some great new Coleus! Many of the newer varieties of Coleus tolerate a lot of sun, not like the older varieties. Coleus can be grown indoors as a houseplant through the winter and you will be able to start many plants from one mature Coleus plant. At Jensen’s, we still have some beautiful containers with some great looking Coleus that you can grow on for many months to come and at the end of the season, you can take them in and enjoy them indoors through the winter!
If we want peace, we have to be peaceful, if we want Paradise, we have to grow it!!!
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