Thursday, February 25, 2021

Open March 1st, 2021

Our showroom & greenhouse will be open to the public starting March 1st. To provide the safest environment for staff and customers we will have some guidelines to follow:
Call the phone # on the front door and we will come and let you in. If there are 4 people in the store already we will take your phone # and call you when it is your turn to come in. Please sanitize your hands as you enter the store. We will have a hand sanitizing station inside the entrance. Please maintain a 6 foot distance from all staff and other customers. 
Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing everyone again. We will be strongly encouraging online shopping at this time. Our curbside pickup and delivery service will continue. As new products arrive, they will be added to the online store. We can also take phone orders, for pickup or delivery. 
Monday to Friday: 10 am - 4 pm 
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Honourarly Life Time Award- presented by Landscape Manitoba

The Honourarly Life Time Award recognizes long-term members who have contributed to the strength of the Association. Landscape Manitoba's Board of Directors announced that Mr. Kurt Jensen of Jensen's Nursery and Garden Center is the 2012 recipient of this prestigious award.
Kurt immigrated from Denmark to Canada in 1957 where he met and married Elsie. Together they started a small lawn maitenance companly, operating out of their home. In 1971 they purchased a one acre lot on McGillivray Blvd and expanded the business to become a garden center, and landscaping business. In 1999 Kurt along with his daughters Tammy and Susan retired the old farm house and open a brand new garden center, and greenhouse. In 2006 they relocated to a three acre location at McGillivray Blvd and Brady Road. This new facility has contributed to Jensen's Garden Center becoming a major garden center, greenhouse, and landscaping business in the City of Winnipeg and surrounding areas. In the year 2010 they moved forward once again creating their first website, with a interactive plant search engine. They continue to work together along with their staff to proudly service the Winnipeg Area.
Susan Stubbe Jensen, Tammy Jensen, Kurt Jensen, Jensen Nursery and Garden Center, Winnipeg
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Friday, May 27, 2011

When you see someone without a smile give them yours!

Yesterday at the end of a long day I put that up on my staff bulletin board. This weather lately has been crazy to say the least. And not agreeable to Manitoba gardeners. Frost warning, no frost warning, hot summer weather, cold arctic winds, dreary rainy days..... where is our famous Manitoba summer? I'm seeing frustration in my customers, my staff, and feeling it myself. Last night I decided it was time for the season to start in spite of the weather. I came home after a 12 hour day and started digging out weeds and planting perennials and annuals. The first thing I planted was a  large 9' high piece of driftwood! Behind it I planted a cup and saucer vine that will grow up the driftwood and create an interesting feature right in my front yard. In front of it I have a summer wine ninebark. The dark color of the ninebark makes the driftwood stand out more! When the flowers bloom on the vine and the ninebark I think it will be gorgeous!
After that I started digging out some unusual weeds that have taken over my rock garden. Roundup would have been easier but working by hand is quicker and more therapeutic! In that bed in front of lovely piece of driftwood I found at Patricia Beach I planted 3 fireworks fountain grass. I figure it will delicately fall over the driftwood! Next I moved on to the herb garden I planted along my garage. I actually made a raised herb garden using some railway ties that were lying around my yard. I put a climbing spinach vine in the middle to grow up my trellis. I put lemon balm(for tea), mint(for mohito`s), rosemary, oregano, and thyme for cooking. Then I crawled into the house, hugged the kids goodnight, and settled in for a good rest before a new day begins! Wishing everyone a good weekend and happy gardening! I would love to hear some gardening stories. If you have an interesting one send it to me. I can post the most interesting one on our blog each week! Tammy Jensen


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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sun, Shrubs, Trees, Soil, Stone, and Flowers galore!

The sun is shining! Spring is finally here! Everytime I look out the window a truck is driving up with a fresh load of shrubs, trees, evergreens, and more! We are in the process of building a new system to display and care for the trees! We also have some very hard working guys potting up truckloads of bareroot trees and shrubs. By tomorrow they will be done, and will start bagging more mulch, riverstone, limestone, shale, soil, and what ever else we can bring them! Jennifer is running around trying to put up signs as quickly as the plants arrive. Chelsey is back for her second year running out to greet all the customers!Laura is taking care of all the annuals and baskets in the greenhouse. Karl AKA Mr Jensen is busy planning and designing the outdoor shrub area. Drop by and check out all the excitement. It may not be organized quite yet, but the plants are here just waiting for a new home. I now have a PDF version of our catalogues available online. There is the shrub and tree plant list, and the perennial list. Just email me at  and I will send it to you! Happy gardening!~ Tammy
clematis, greenhouse, Jensen nursery and garden center, winnipeg
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My name is Boomer by Boomer the Garden Center Dog

           Hi! My name is Boomer and I am the garden center dog. This is my first blog. I follow Sue around the garden center from January till April. I am the most wonderful and beautiful golden retriever.Oh yes, and the best behaved dog! I love being spoiled and eating the plants in the greenhouse! The grasses are the best! My favorite grass is the Fireworks Fountain Grasgarden center dog, planting box, peat moss, golden retrievers. They get real upset when I eat that because it's brand new or something. They all look the same to me! They are so tasty! I do lots of work here greeting people, chewing pots, walking on plant tables,and digging in the mud in the potting room. I also work very hard chasing away the bunnies in the back nursery area. Please come and see me in fireworks fountain grass, jensen nursery and garden center, winnipeg, greenhouse, annual grasses, outdoor container potsthe greenhouse! If you find me too big and friendly I can sit in the lunch room(yummy) and check out the lunches! Please come visit me and check out the wonderful greenhouse. See you soon!


ps. bring doogies cookies 
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Container gardening at Jensen's! by Jennifer Fletcher


Back in January, I wanted to talk about the new annuals and combinations for the hanging baskets.
I was ALONE with my thoughts!

One Saturday afternoon, I watched a P. Allen Smith tv show (the spokesperson for Proven Winners). He took three pots
in different sizes and planted a container landscape. He believes that you should plant different plants in each pot,
with one color that unifies them.

For example: 
First pot: Superbells Dreamsicle                                                  

Second pot: Coleus Sedona

Third pot: Toffee Twist Grass

This example would have a orange plant in each pot with a mixture of annuals. What an idea! I will store that one in the

Then I went on a winter holiday. Cruising from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta. Did you know that Bird of Paradise
blooms in late January in California landscapes? Well...that definitely messed up my "Prairie Gardener" brain.

Back to the cold and "Jennifer, I can't talk about the hanging baskets until I see the flowers!"

Okay, I was still on my own with my thoughts - busy organizing, painting and laminating signs.
Now, the plants have come. The baskets are done and we will keep working on the pots. On a sunny day, you have to wear shorts in the greenhouse. In a few short weeks we will move outside. I can't wait. Stop by the garden centre if you like. Smell the flowers. I would be happy to help you plan your containers.
Because.....SPRING IS ON ITS WAY!!!!!

By Jennifer Fletcher


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Friday, January 21, 2011

Gardening Seminar - Gardening 101 with Karl Sorensen


Anyone in Winnipeg who has ventured to our nursery and garden center has most likely met Karl Sorensen. He is referred to as "Mr Jensen" as often as he is called "Karl"! Karl's enthusiasm for gardening and design is apparent to all who meet him! When he isn't out back in our nursery area taking care of all our plants, he is in the garden centre area helping customers plan their yards. He cares about each customers yard project as if it were his own.

Karl will also be giving a sneak peak of some of the exciting new plants we will have for sale in at our garden center this spring!
So get out of the snow and into the CMU for a evening of fun! 

Tuesday, March 1, 7 p.m.
Room B132, Canadian Mennonite University, North Campus
Jensen's Nursery & Garden Centre has served Winnipeg gardeners since 1966.
Greeting visitors with his ever-present and friendly smile is Karl Sorensen. Have
a gardening question? Karl has the answer! This special evening will cover many
of the basics – a perfect opportunity for novice and experienced gardeners alike!
Check out Jensen's new website at
Free for members! Non-members pay only $5. Light refreshments.

Jensen Nursery and Garden Center
2550 McGillivray Blvd
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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