Friday, August 30, 2013

Wasps bothering you?

Are you being bothered by Wasps?

I was in to the greenhouse the other day when I spotted a few things that we carry to rid your outdoor patio area and yard of wasps. The wasps are starting to appear already and never at an opportune moment. Just when we’re about to sit down for a nice meal on the patio or enjoy a drink outside, there they are. Many people are allergic to yellowjacket stings so must always be on guard.
Jensen’s carries Doktor Doom that will kill wasps, mosquitoes, house flies and many other insects as well as ants and bed bugs! I understand it has also proven effective on the dreaded Lily Beetle.
We carry yellowjacket traps that are non-toxic. They come complete with an attractant. You just add water and hang. There are no killing agents, the insects die naturally. The traps catch ten yellowjacket species, but will not trap beneficial honeybees.
We also carry the Waspinator, a durable, weatherproof device that resembles a wasp nest. It acts like a scarecrow for wasps – other wasps see it as an enemy nest and avoid the area. It can be left out year-round in any weather. No harmful chemicals, no dead wasps to clean up, no maintenance, and no more wasps!
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