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Jensen Nursery and Garden Center - Who we really are.... Our First Blog from November 2010!

Hi my name is Tammy , and I am attempting to write our first blog ever! After my family and staff read this it may very well be my last blog!! Jensen Nursery and Garden Center is a family owned and operated business. My dad, Kurt Jensen started the business 44 years ago out of his River Heights home. There have been many changes throughout the years, but the one thing that has never changed is our family's commitment to the business. Our customers have always been a priority to our business. Over the years, as the garden centre has expanded so has our staff. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce some of our long time staff members!

Mr. Kurt Jensen – owner of Jensen’s since 1966
Mr Jensen can be seen out in his field digging up trees, giving advice to the staff, or walking through the garden center with an eagle eye spotting the one plant that is in desperate need of water! You always know he is around when the bright yellow hydro truck is in the parking lot. He has been an inspiration to me since I was a young child following him around while he sold trees and shrubs to customers at the old lot.

Mrs Elsie Jensen – owner of Jensen’s since 1966
Mrs Jensen has worked behind the scenes for many years. She may be showing up at your door dropping off a landscape estimate, in the greenhouse planting annuals, or running out to buy lunch for Tammy and Sue because they were busy and forgot to bring a lunch!

Tammy Jensen – daughter
I have been learning about the business since I was a child, but have been here fulltime for almost 16 years. My favourite part of the business is being out in the garden center helping customers design their yard! Having a customer leaving with a positive experience is my main goal. I truly believe that customers are what makes a business. And if the customers are happy a business will be successful!

Susan Jensen Stubbe – daughter
Susan can be seen running away from the garden center.....on her way to her next estimate or landcape design appointment. She also spends time out on job sites ensuring that our work is up to our high standards at all times! If you can find her at the garden center she will be happy to pass on her enthusiasm for plants and design.

Karl – garden center staff
Karl is quite often referred to as Mr Jensen! His Danish accent, his love for plants, and dedication to Jensen’s has customers convinced he has to be Mr Jensen! I really do not know where we would be without Karl’s vast knowledge and the dedication he puts into his job.

Jennifer – garden center and gift store staff
Jennifer has helped take our garden center to the next level. She has been an amazing source of ideas and support through all our endeavours of the last few years. She gives us sisters the push we sometimes need!

Laura – garden center and gift store staff
Laura has become our resident bug terminator! She has taken it upon herself to learn every pest that can infect a plant and just how to get rid of it. She also can be seen with her nose in a book looking up information for a customer. She will not rest till she has an answer to your question!

John – garden center staff
Mr fix-it as John has become known, can be heard saying, “I think there is a better way to do this”. John has been become a regular fixture at Jensen’s, upgrading, repairing, and simplifying more items than I could possible list!

Penny – garden center and gift store staff
Penny can be seen in the outdoor display area going through all the shrubs, perennials and trees and keeping them looking their best. Penny is very meticulous with the plants and has become very valuable in keeping our garden center looking its best!

Rennae – garden center and gift store staff
Rennae is always on the move! Whether it be redoing the showroom giftware displays, or running out to help a customer. She also recently has taken a pruning course and is a wealth of information!

Chelsea – deliveries and plantings
Chelsea can be seen loading trees, soil, and stakes into the delivery truck to plant trees in a customer’s yard. If she wasn’t so good at planting trees, we would have her at the garden center fulltime singing to the plants in her beautiful voice! We look forward to having her with us throughout her university years!

*a special thanks to Mark and Luc who have worked very hard in our landscape division making customers yard’s a place to enjoy!

All of these staff have been extremely valuable to our business, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without their help and dedication. I also have to mention the great group of new staff we had this year as well. I’m hoping they will be back next year, and that I will be given an opportunity to tell you all about them in the future! There is also someone who knows who she is that has been working behind the scenes for the last year to get our website up and running. And to her a special thank you!

Now that I have spent so much time raving about all our wonderful staff I have run out of time to talk about the business. So on that note, I invite you to come to our garden center and experience it for yourself! We are truly dedicated to help each and every customer to the best of our ability. If we do not know an answer, we will not give up till we find it. We are here to help you with all your gardening choices! That is my promise! Sincerely yours, Tammy Jensen

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Container gardening at Jensen's! by Jennifer Fletcher


Back in January, I wanted to talk about the new annuals and combinations for the hanging baskets.
I was ALONE with my thoughts!

One Saturday afternoon, I watched a P. Allen Smith tv show (the spokesperson for Proven Winners). He took three pots
in different sizes and planted a container landscape. He believes that you should plant different plants in each pot,
with one color that unifies them.

For example: 
First pot: Superbells Dreamsicle                                                  

Second pot: Coleus Sedona

Third pot: Toffee Twist Grass

This example would have a orange plant in each pot with a mixture of annuals. What an idea! I will store that one in the

Then I went on a winter holiday. Cruising from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta. Did you know that Bird of Paradise
blooms in late January in California landscapes? Well...that definitely messed up my "Prairie Gardener" brain.

Back to the cold and "Jennifer, I can't talk about the hanging baskets until I see the flowers!"

Okay, I was still on my own with my thoughts - busy organizing, painting and laminating signs.
Now, the plants have come. The baskets are done and we will keep working on the pots. On a sunny day, you have to wear shorts in the greenhouse. In a few short weeks we will move outside. I can't wait. Stop by the garden centre if you like. Smell the flowers. I would be happy to help you plan your containers.
Because.....SPRING IS ON ITS WAY!!!!!

By Jennifer Fletcher


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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

We are in the greenhouse planting...........

Wow, here we are again, it's a balmy 25C and we are in our greenhouse planting annual baskets! When we leave to go home you almost forget that it is 40 degrees colder outside and that you need a jacket! We have planted over 800 hanging baskets in the last 24 hours. I did up some beautiful shade basket combo's with trailing lobeila, fushia, and torenia! I did though start with about 100 bright colored baskets for a sunny location. I wasn't ready to think about shade when I first started. I used some petunias, calabrachoa, verbena, nemesia, osteospermum, and straw flowers to name a few! Jennifer was doing up Proven Winner combo baskets, while Susan was working on the old standby favorites! I heard her talking about ivy geraniums, torenia, and petunia's with Proven Winners diamond frost! Tomorrow we are going to finish up the unique cone planters that are so popular! Im thinking the birch bark one will go great with a toffee twist grass and some black eyed sue vines! I cant wait to see our baby plants grow! I have some pictures of last year's baskets I will post for you to look at! Well that is about all I can say for now! Flower names, growth habits, sun/shade preferences are all that I can think of now! That and what colors of annuals with compliment each other the most! So on that note, happy dreaming of sunny days ahead!!!! Tammy

yellow sweet potatoe vine and purple osteospermum                                        assorted baskets
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