Gardening Products

We carry a large selection of garden, yard and lawn care products. We are here to help advise you which products are best for your gardening needs. The following is a list of some of the products we carry. We are always updating our gardening supplies so this list may not be complete. Please contact us with any questions or product inquiries at
Myke Products

Myke Tree and Shrub

Myke Evergreen Food - OMNI Certified

Miracle Gro Fertililizers

All Purpose                                                                       

Ultra Bloom                                                                                                                                             Shake and Feed - Tomato, All Purpose & Flowers       


Orgunique Fertilizers - Available for sale online! SHOP NOW!



Tomato & Vegetable                                                                                        Rose Food                                                                                                                    

Bio Fish                                                                                                             

Hanging Basket                                                                                                   

House Plant                                                                                                       

Buds n Bloom                                                                                                      

Fish Meal                                                                                                        

Starter Food                                                                                                        

Soil Acidifier                                                                                                    Humic                                                                                                             

Compost Activator                                                                                         Kelp                                                                                                                    Gypsum                                                                                                               

Bone Meal

Blood Meal


Bordeau Copper

Garden Sulphur

Tomato & Vegetable Disease

Rose & Flower Disease

Garden Fungicide

Defender RTU

3 in1 Spray

Bulb & Soil Dust

Rose & Flower Dust

Dormant Oil Kit


Bug B Gone Eco Sense Concentrate                                                             

Bug B Gone & Safer's Insecticidal Soap                                               

Earwig Killer                                                                                                        Ambush                                                                                                              

Malathion Concentrate                                                                                

Fruit Gaurd                                                                                                          

End All II                                                                                                        

Slug and Snail Bait                                                                                         

Ant Killer Spray                                                                                                   

Ant Out                                                                                                         

BTK - Safers

Trounce Insecticide

Safer's Spidermite

Herbicides - Round Up, Killex & Chickweed Killer
(see front desk for purchase information)

Round Up Concentrate & RTU                                                                           

Killex Concentrate & RTU                                                                  

Chickweed Killer

Deer, Rabbit & Animal Deterents

Plantskydd Concentrate & RTU                                                                 Skoot                                                                                                                     

Bobbex RTU

Animal Repellent

No Bite

Lawn Products

Grass Seed - asst. varieties

Scott's Turf Builder Fertilizer 30-0-3

Organique Lawn & Evergreen Fertilizer

Winter Care Pro Fertilizer 32-0-10


Dog Spot Patch

Asst Products


Tanglefoot Paste                                                                                            

Tree Pruning Paste & Spray                                                                         

Wilt Pruf                                                                                                         

Doktor Doom Residual Spray                                                                     

Doktor Doom Mosquito Spray                                                                      

Watkins D15 Mosquito Spray                                                                       

Mosquito Less Natural Garlic Spray                                                         

Grass Seed                                                                                                    

Evergreen Fertilizer Stakes                                                                        

Fruit Tree Fertilizer Stakes

Soil Moist

Soil Test Kit

Dolomite Lime

Iron Chelate