It starts in the fall and not the spring!!!

In the late fall, just before the snow comes, over-seed your lawn. The new grass will start germinating early in spring and choke out a lot of the weeds that are trying to complete for water and nutrients. In the early spring as the snow melts off the lawn, get your broom out and sweep off the lawn, in particular, sweep off any snow mould that has formed. As the grass dries, use your fan rake to give it a light raking to collect any debris and introduce some air into the grass. This will prevent any fungus from forming, especially in the wet areas of the lawn. If your grass is sparse, it may be because of little to no soil or mulch on your lawn to enable the grass to grow in thick. This is the time to improve the soil base and aerate if you haven’t done so in the fall. By aerating, I mean by taking plugs of soil out of the lawn, not by walking over it with your spiked shoes or golf shoes on! This is also the time to remove weeds, fix any brown spots or sparse areas. If you plan to do some weed removal, water the grass well the day before to make it easier to remove the weeds and get the entire root. If you leave a part of the root, the weed will soon be growing back again. Do it once and do it right! If your lawn is covered with dandelions and it will be a few days before you can get out there to remove them completely, remove the tops so they don’t go to seed. Never let any weeds go to seed. It only creates more work!!!

If your grass is sparse or you have some brown spots, this is the time to over-seed using a premium grass seed that is 99.99% weed free, such as the C-I-L Golfgreen that we carry. It’s an all-purpose grass seed for both sunny and shady areas. Apply, as directed and keep the area moist until the first mowing. We also carry eZseed by Scotts that advertises to even grow on pavement! I know a number of people that have tried it and swear by it. They say it is easy to use and the grass seed germinates quickly with using half the water. It has a combination of mulch, premium grass seed made up of Creeping Red Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass and Kentucky blue, a great combination for our climate, and it also has a trace of Nitrogen. If you have any problem areas caused by your dog, we also carry Dog-Patch and a fast acting dog spot repair kit that has mulch, seed and soil conditioner. Everything you need! Remove the brown dead grass, loosen the top 2-3 inches of soil and apply when there is no danger of frost. Frequent watering helps in the grass seed germination and the flushing of excess nitrogen caused by the pet urine. Continue to water the newly germinated grass seedlings. I think I would prefer to use the eZseed as all you have to do is remove any dead grass, loosen the hard soil, apply the seed and water until it turns dark brown. You only add more water when it turns a light brown in colour.

Once you have grown a lush lawn ready for cutting, leave the grass about 2 inches long and, if possible, mulch the grass clippings back into the lawn. This will add a lot of nitrogen and help keep your grass green naturally.

When it comes to watering the lawn, give it a deep watering once a week, in the morning if possible. The roots of the grass will grow down looking for moisture during the dry periods and not up to the surface. A light watering every day will produce shallow-rooted grass that will not be able to withstand the stresses of our hot, windy summer. A deep watering will produce stronger, healthier grass and if you water in the morning rather than at night, this also prevents attracting a lot of insects and disease. Early morning watering also applies to gardens and flower-beds as well.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to sit with your feet up and enjoy a greener, healthier lawn naturally!