LIQUID PRODUCTS - 100% Organic

Premium quality, 100% Organic garden fertilizers and suppplements manufactured from environmentally friendly natural ingredients.
Lawn Food 2.5-1-5
* 100% Organic formulation to provide complete nutrition to lawns
* Chemical free lawn safe for kids and pets
Rose & Flower Food 2-3-5
* 100% Organic plant food ideal for all flowering, bedding, container plants and flowering shrubs
* Keeps flowering plants fresh and blooming
Tomato & Vegetable 2.5-1-4
* 100% Organic plant food formulated to meet the high nutritional requirements of vegetables
* Helps grow quality vegetables, free of chemicals, rich in taste with good shelf life
General Purpose 2.5-2-5
* 100% Organic liquid ideally suited to meet fertilizer requirements of plants
* Formulated for a wide range of plants
BioFish 2.75-1-2
* 100% Organic fish based plant food with balanced nutrition and no offensive odour
* Contains plants extracts and natural ral minerals to enhance efficacy
Hanging Basket & Bloom 3-3-3
* 100% Organic plant food designed to feed hanging baskets, planters, patio pots, window boxes and all container plants
* Promotes blooming all season long
House Plant Food 2-1-3
* 100% Organic plant food ideal for feeding a wide range of house plants
* Concentrated houseplant food including micronutrients
Neem Oil
* 100% Organic, OMRI LISTED Pure Neem Oil used as foliar spray
* Effective leaf polish that makes plant look shiny and vibrant instantly
Kelp Boost
* 100% Organic emulsion made from highest grade Atlantic Kelp
* An ideal plant supplement that brings vigour and boosts all growth stages

LIQUID PRODUCTS - Organic based

Premium quality, extra strength garden fertilizers and suppplements manufactured from eco-friendly ingredients.
Buds N Bloom 0-22-25
* Organic based Extra Strength liquid to boost blooming and rootings in plants
* Brightens colors in flowers and foliage within short time
General Purpose 15-3-11
* Organic based Extra Strength plant food for a wide range of fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, etc.
* Provides micronutrients and supplements in addition to major nutrients
Lawn Food 22-1-3
* Organic based Extra Strength formulation to provide complete nutrition to lawns
* Promotes lush green lawn
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Premium quality, 100% Organic, granular, garden fertilizers and suppplements manufactured from environmentally friendly natural ingredients.

All Purpose Food 4-3-9
* 100% Organic and a natural slow release granular plant food providing balanced feeding for gardens, flowers beds, lawns, and container plants
* Conditions soil for more vigorous growth and improved nutrient uptake
Lawn Food 10-2-5

* 100% Organic granular food for lawn and turf, free from chemicals
* Provides both quick and slow release nutrition naturally for a healthier lawn
Compost Activator
* 100% Organic product that helps to stimulate the breakdown of organic waste into premium compost
* Extra strength formula, breaks down materials quickly
* 100% organic granular soil amendment containing humic acid derivatives
* Improves nutrient uptake, microbial activity, and soil properties
Blood Meal 12-0-0
* 100% organic readily available high Nitrogen granular product to promote strong growth. Also an ideal stimulant for microbial activity
* Use on flowers, roses, vegetables, fruits, shrubs, and trees
Rock Phosphate 0-3-0
* 100% Organic granular product that promotes overall plant development
* Supplies Phosphorus, Calcium and essential rare minerals to plants
Bulb Food 1-3-9
* 100% Organic granular product for bulbs i.e. tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, etc
* Long lasting, slow release * Won't burn, no leaching
Fish Meal 9-4-1
* 100% Organic fish based product rich in nutrients
* Safe for kids and pets and ideal for all growing needs
Tomato & Vegetable Food 4-3-7
* 100% Organic, balanced nutrition with added Calcium and Kelp for all vegetables
* Produces stronger plants with improved yields and taste