Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thanks for attending our Spring Seminars

I want to thank everyone who attended our Spring seminar day April14th, 2012. We had over 50 people over the course of the day! We all enjoyed the day very much!
Jennifer gave her first seminar - Gardening for Dummies! It was fun, humerous, and informative! Way to go Jennifer! We definitely will have to repeat that seminar!
Sue had a interesting discussion panel on all those nasty critters that lurk in your yards waiting to eat your plants!! Critter's Anomynous was a great success! Grant Dunn came and introduced some great new products. He went over all the products we carry for different garden concerns. Thanks Grant! We look forward to staff training next week. And Bill Dowie our resident Master Gardener gave 2 interesting seminars on 3D and 4D gardening.

ca.linkedin.com/in/williamdowie -Check our Bill's Profile

Now that the seminars are done we will be out setting up our tree, shrub, perennial, and display gardens outside. New stock starts arriving April 18th! With this weather we already have a waiting list going for trees as they come in the door! It is going to be a exciting spring! Drop by and check out what is new at Jensen's this spring!
3D and 4D as presented by Bill Dowie -

William (Bill) Dowie BA, MCPM, LEED-AP (O+M)
Independent Environmental Consultant
Master Gardener Program Graduate
Guest Design Consultant

 3-D Gardening Designing to maximize all the Space in your yard and garden Many gardeners have the knowledge and skills to move vertically in their garden;

3-D gardening is so much more. Inter-spaces, nooks and crannies, cracks, edges, layers... these are key concepts to make your garden beautiful while increasing the amount of usable space – so you can plant all those varieties of flowers and vegetables you’ve been eyeing. Think you have run out of room? Wondering how to increase bio-diversity in your small yard? This first of two seminars will introduce you to spatial concepts of the space-time continuum you may have not have thought about.
Concepts Discussed…

shapes in space = x-y flat | z-vertical | beyond simple planar vertical
small cracks and openings have large volumes behind / under them
raised beds (bonus = 4-D benefits)
polar coordinates – vectors and angles in space
tree limbs and pruning – how you want the tree to grow in 20 years = where
micro-spaces in your yard (frost movement | solar gain | nooks and coziness)
plant size (intra / inter)
landscape ecology and edge
wildlife & naturalization – from the sub-basement to the penthouse
the underground world – The Douglas Fir = Mother Tree (“Smarty Plants” – NoT, CBC)
Jensen’s Nursery Spring Seminar Series

Residential Walkabouts | Urban-scape Enhancements | Landscape Design-Build
William (Bill) Dowie BA, MCPM, LEED-AP (O+M)
Independent Environmental Consultant
Master Gardener Program Graduate
Guest Design Consultant

 4-D Gardening Thinking about the aspects of Time for your short and long-term garden plans Time is fleeting. As humans, we are caught in a linear perception of time passing second by second, year by year. In Nature, the concept of time is irrelevant. Nature is dictated by cycles – ebbs and flows of matter and energy. So how do we reconcile such philosophical ideas to make a beautiful garden? This seminar will explore the themes of legacy planting, time-framing your designs, plant succession, and the young-to-old transition of your human and animal visitors to your yard (that rabbit seems like it is 20 years old!). This second of two seminars will introduce you to the temporal concepts of the space-time continuum you may have not have thought about.

Concepts Discussed
time and space sometimes is the same thing (for us humans and social insects)
natural cycles v. human calendar (the time honored battle)
legacy – what stage in life are you at? Stakeholder needs and alignment
time scale – shifts with weather & climate (from seconds to centuries)
maintenance time scales = mowing | watering | weeding | dividing | pruning
intra / inter-seasonality | dormancy | active growing
critical timings – veggies and growth | blooming periods
when to plant / transplant
succession – from lawn to natural prairie to forest (if that’s what you want)
garden philosophy – time and space – just have fun (please)!
Jensen’s Nursery Spring Seminar Series
April 14th, 2012 (live, on location)
Welcome to the space-time continuum of gardening... What? This sounds like science fiction - something you would hear on The Big Bang Theory... but yes, even gardeners have to know about the multi-dimensions of the universe to make their gardens beautiful and sustainable... Intrigued?

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