Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Grass is always Greener...

So, let’s keep talking about naturally caring for your lawn.  You may be envious about that “golf course look” grass that your neighbor has, but it comes at a price – both personally and environmentally.  Not only do many lawns use far too many fertilizer-pesticide combinations (the reason many governments have stepped in across Canada to ban ‘weed and feed’ products), but the personal time that you must commit to tending that synthetically created lawn is tremendous; and let us not forget about your water bill in a drought.  So why don’t we use Mother Nature to help us maintain and refurbish our existing lawn – and that includes beneficial fungus.

You have probably heard about the Myke brand product and our five year warranty with trees and shrubs.  Well, there is also a Myke product that, when used properly, can reduce watering needs, promote faster establishment of the mineral sod that we sell (using peat-based sod is risky), and increase drought tolerance (www.usemyke.com/mycorise/gardening/lawn/MykeTurf/MykeTurf.htm).  Remember, similar to their other products, MYKE® TURF contains mycorrhizae that “...form a close symbiotic relationship with plant roots.... However, in most soils that have been disturbed by residential construction [or] applications of fertilizers containing pesticides and other chemical products, the mycorrhizae content has considerably diminished, and has become insufficient to significantly enhance plant growth.... MYKE® TURF uses a natural heavy granular carrier that allows easy application for lawn care”.

So, as part of responsible landscaping and yard care, why don’t you try out a natural way to continue to establish and maintain your turf.  But remember, it should not be all about turf in your landscape.  A balance between your grass and constructed islands, curvilinear beds and ‘rooms’ for trees, shrubs, and perennials is how you make that urban oasis.  You can visit Jensen’s and talk to our knowledgeable staff about this aesthetic balancing act.  Search our blog archive for more lawn and garden design ideas.

By Bill Dowie
Posted by Tammy Jensen at 2:33 PM