Planting Service

Shrubs, Trees, Perennials & Planters - We do it all!

  • High end self watering planters now available. We can offer seasonal planting using our "Desert Planters" by Equinox. We can do a spring, summer, fall & winter arrangement. Email for more details.
  • (Note annuals or perennials used in a planter do not have a warranty)
  • We help with plant selection to ensure proper plant placement.
  • We supply the soil, hard work and friendly expert advice.
  • Complete cleanup once work is completed.
  • One year warranty on shrubs, perennials & trees.
  • Optional five year "Myke" warranty on all shrubs and trees.
  • Plants will be replaced under warranty one time only.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. If you ever have any concerns please feel free to call us.
  • Commercial planting service offering summer and winter displays for year round beauty. Book for Summer now at

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  • Our interactive "Plant Search Engine" gives you pictures and information on the shrubs and trees that we carry. 

For more information email us at