Dormant Oil for Insect and Fungus control
April 04, 2024

Once active, fungal diseases can weaken plants, leaving them prone to disease and insect pests. The sooner you can treat your plants, the better they will do. Take a picture of the plant, bring in a sample and we can recommend what to treat your plant with.


Dormant Oil Kits contain Horticultural Oil and Lime Sulphur that are combined and sprayed on most Deciduous Trees and Shrubs. These oils help clean up any overwintering eggs or fungi on your trees and shrubs. It is an excellent and environmentally friendly way to get ahead of insect and disease problems on your Fruit trees, Ornamental Trees, Cranberry, Roses, Dogwoods and many other trees and shrubs. Dormant Oil must be sprayed before the leaves emerge and when the buds are just beginning to swell. Spray in early morning to allow sufficient time to dry before nightfall. You want to pick a day that there is no rain in the forecast and the temperature will stay above 4°C.


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April 04, 2024
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