Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Long Weekend Flowers

 Well, ..we are well under way both inside the greenhouse & outside @ Jensen’s Nursery, you can feel the excitement as many gardeners awaited their initial planting this May long weekend. Remember though it is early to plant annuals and most vegetables outside. There is still a chance of frost. Cold hardy onions, potatoes, and garlic bulbs could go in now for sure. If you a way to cover in case of frost or move containers into garages. Then plant away but watch the weather!
Our greenhouse is dazzling with many of our hanging baskets spilling over with colour and gardeners both new and old have been filling their shopping boxes with favourite plants.  A simple rule for planting pots is to have 3 different types of plants; the thriller being the focal or tallest plant in the container, the fillers should be of complimentary colours and shorter than the thriller, and last but not least, the spiller to add the dramatic draping of colour to your container.
The outside area has display tables of rows of perennials that will continue to change as they grow til  blooming and many display areas of shrubs and trees that are just now waking up as they fully leaf out.
Whether you have a shade spot or a sunny spot we have some great suggestions to help build your containers, gardens and landscaping.
Gardening can be a very rewarding activity. With a little time and effort, you can watch your creativity blossom and your ideal outdoor space flower.
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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Flowers for Mother's Day!

 Come look and get inspired !


The new greenhouse is filled to the brim with every colour of a rainbow; our baskets are spilling over with eye popping annuals, along with  luscious planters and never ending rows of herbs, veggies, tropical and annuals line our tables.    


For your convenience, drop off your containers and we will do your planting or stay and plant up yourself in our planting corner, the cost to you will be the dirt and plants used – and leave the mess behind. 


If you have trouble finding the right annual for the right place; stop and look at our many species of Coleus; they are a versatile performer which offers multitude of options in colours, leaf shapes, from trailing to big bushy mounds, let the colours of a coleus play off other plants.  


Coleus are annuals;   can be found for full sun to almost full shade depending on colour selection;  no soil issues but drainage is.

Care of them is easy, steady watering and feeding is best for healthy bushy plants and they love a good pinch,  (removal of their flower spikes and a set of two of the leaves ).    




The perfect gift for mother’s day (Sunday May 14th ) , how about a gift card,





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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sweet Potato Slips

Time to Order your Sweet Potato slips!
Sweet Potato slips
Now taking pre-orders!
Want to know more about growing Sweet Potatoes?
Go to Winnipeg Sweet Potato website for more information.

Arriving May 11th or earlier.

- single slips - $4.00  
Pre-order discount - $3.75 (order by April 29th)
- 6 slips - $20.00
Pre-order discount - $18.75 (order by April 29th)

- online at jensennurserygiftshop.com
- call 204-488-5042
- email tammy@jensennursery.com 
We will contact everyone who orders in advance to let you know when they will arrive.  We are also going to have Tiffany Grenkow from Winnipeg Sweet Potato come by in May and do a live planting demostration.  Details of this will follow when we confirm a date.

sweet potatoes
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Monday, April 17, 2017

Spring is in the air!

 Spring is here hopefully to stay! It's too early to get out and plant shrubs and trees. You need to let the ground thaw. It is a good time to plant some onions...they can handle some frost. We will have onions and potatoes in on friday! It is also a great time to get out and clean up your yard. I like to amend my soil this time of year. Worm castings, Turkey trot or clay buster can be added to your beds now. I also like to sprinkle turkey trot over the entire lawn to give it a boost. If you have questions about your spring cleanup...drop in and talk to our staff for Succulents, spring plants, plant indoors, trendy plants, Jensen Nursery some advice. We are here to help you with all your spring gardening needs. 
If you really want to get planting we have succulents and herbs you can grow indoors. Once it warms up usually the end of May...you can transfer your treasures outdoors. I like to keep a few herbs going in the kitchen window for the beautiful aroma and easy access! Drop by today we are looking forward to your visit! Send us a quick email if you would like to be added to our email list. You will get gardening advice and advance notice of special events and sales. Email - info@jensennursery.com 

The Jensen family and staff.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Christmas at Jensen's - Free Christmas Tree Delivery in Winnipeg!

  Christmas at Jensen's
Start a new family tradition this Christmas!
Visit our indoor Winter Wonderland!
Christmas Trees - Wreaths - Outdoor Christmas Urns - Swags - Garland - Poinsettias - Giftware - Boughs - Craft Classes - Christmas Decor - Craft Supplies - Centerpieces - Made in Manitoba Products - Natural Skin Care Line - Wood Carvings & more!
If you live in Winnipeg or surrounding areas we offer FREE CHRISTMAS TREE DELIVERY!
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